Landscape and Folklore

  • In many corners in every part of Iceland, there is a place connected to folklore.
Dec 2 2016

In many corners in every part of Iceland, there is a place connected to folklore.  Even in places that are very popular tourist attractions. Stories of trolls, elves, ghosts, mysterious creatures, demons, and zombies.  Stories of communication between humans and all kinds of beings, creatures and entities from another dimension or another world. Creatures from the inland and monster related entities that live in the ocean or peaceful lakes and beings that live in cliffs, a small hill or a rock.  Beings that are friendly and helpful and others that are mean with a bad attitude and even dangerous.

Many of the stories are connected to good fortune and other to an ill fate and lifelong trouble. Sometimes the stories seem to have a purpose of preventing people from coming near a place and sometimes they are pure entertainment. Often they are stories of humans and other beings communicating to help each other.  In whatever manner we define those stories and to what extent we believe them they are all quite fascinating. They often symbolize the forces of nature and give such forces a human-like identity.

When we travel around Iceland, the weather and the landscape often play together in a way that is quite mysterious.  The landscape often looks quite bizarre when shaped by fog or drizzle, a harsh wind not to mention if the sun shines through a small hole in the sky. Sometimes it is almost chilling when all those factors play together in a field of lava, in a fjord with steep mountains or by a quiet lake in the Highland surrounded by smoke from boiling springs.  If you put yourself in the shoes of people who experienced this kind of scenario two to three centuries ago, it is quite understandable how the setting took possession of their imagination and gave birth to some frightening stories. And in an instant when the fog lifts the place can become pleasant and peaceful and totally different from the strange feeling it had just minutes ago.

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