Many places in Iceland have an interesting history

  • Many places in Iceland have an interesting history
Oct 13 2015

There are many places in Iceland that have an interesting history and are also floating with stories that go back hundreds of centuries. Places that had a bigger role in the past, than they have today. One such place is Ingjaldshóll and the church at Ingjaldshóll. Around the 14th century up until the 18th century this was one of the largest churches in Iceland. Service was provided to a large population and a large area compared to many other churches, at that time. The new church was built in 1903 and was the first church in Iceland built with concrete. The altarpiece was painted by Þóarinn B. Þorláksson, the painter that historians have given the honor of being the first Icelandic artist. Not to forget the surroundings, the mysterious glacier Snæfellsjökull, and its hidden power.