Old Café Rif has the best fish soup

  • Old Café Rif on the Snæfellsnes peninsula has the best fish soup
Jul 9 2015

Food report: For many decades when traveling in Iceland outside Reykjavík, the best you could expect if you were looking for food, was a bad hamburger with french fries or a hot dog. Usually, the service was provided at a mini-market fast food grill by the roadside or at the entrance of a town or a village. Fortunately, this has changed dramatically for the better. Today you can find a reasonably good restaurant or café in almost all of the fifty small towns and villages around the country. Since most of the villages are by the seaside, fish soup is very popular on the menu. Usually, the ingredients are quite fresh and of the highest quality. In few places is this truer than in Old Café Rif, at the tiny village of Rif / Hellissandur on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. In the early morning each day Anna Þóra, the owner and head soup chef, starts her day by cooking her legendary fish soup. At the same time, her husband Lúlli goes out on his small boat fishing in the nearby fishing grounds to provide Cod for the next morning soup.