Our Hit Iceland website has been up and running for five months

  • Hit Iceland website has been up and running for five months
Apr 16 2016

Our web page hiticeland.com has been up and running for five moths. It started with a seven-month preparation a year ago. Setting up the website and configuring the Drupal modules. And of course, all the CSS work for desktop and smaller devices.  At the same time and throughout the summer we were out taking photos and sitting by the desk writing text.  In the moths between June and September we worked on the initial content.  And finally in November, a Beta version was ready to launch.

On the web page, we have a lot of information for people that are interested in Iceland and people that are planning to take a tour in Iceland.  Both text and photos.  You can learn about all the towns and villages around the country; approximately sixty.  You can also learn about Reykjavík the capital and all the districts; how they developed and a bit of a historical background.  Information that is quite beneficial when you are finding and evaluating accommodation in the city.  Also, you will learn about all the spectacular places and natural wonders we have in the countryside, around and nearby the coast. And we did not leave the people out as you can read interviews with Icelanders and visitors.

This summer we are working on our Highland project with the aim of introducing the main routes and all the exciting places you can visit in the Highland during summer. If you are interested in seeing Iceland your should start your trip by visiting our website hiticeland.com