Our Nikon D750 camera and our three year Iceland journey

  • Our Nikon D750 camera in our three year Iceland journey
Oct 19 2017


As photographers, we have many reasons to phrase Nikon and specifically the D750 camera.   We purchased our first digital reflex camera back in 2003 when the D100 was launched. At that time a revolution in the digital camera market.  Later we bought the D200 and about three years ago the Nikon D750. Our purpose at that time was to travel around Iceland and photograph everything of interest.  Mostly landscape like waterfalls, basalt columns, hot springs, mountains, glaciers and also towns and villages.  We started early in 2015, around April, by traveling to all the 60 towns and villages in Iceland.  In 2016 we visited most of the well-known attractions and many less known.  At the end of 2016 and in 2017 we visited many places in the highland.  In between, we have photographed sites in Reykjavík the capital of Iceland, the Northern lights, winter photos and people.  At the same time, we wrote tons of articles about Iceland for our website hiticeland.com. Throughout the whole journey, our dedicated companion has been the Nikon D750.  We are so often amazed by the outcome and what we can achieve with this excellent camera.  On our website, we have thousands of photos from Iceland most of them taken with a Nikon camera. 

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