Prime ministers hidden cash hit the fan

Apr 4 2016

Today thousands of  Icelanders flocked to the city center in Reykjavík to protest at Austurvöllur in front of the Parliament, Alþingi. Protesters demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, Mr. Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson and demanded new elections.   The protest comes after the Panama Papers reviled his hidden millions in an offshore company in Tortola and a highly embarrassing, clumsy and arrogant interview with the Sweedish National Television.  In the interview, the Prim Minister was suspiciously defensive regarding his ownership in an offshore company. Quickly anger got the better of him, and he stood up and walked out of the room leaving everyone with the notion that he had something to hide.

The Panama Papers also implicated two other ministers in the Icelandic government to other offshore companies. Icelanders were both angry and shocked by the revelation about corruption in government and to see their Prime Minister portrait as a highly corrupted individual in international media among some of the worst and most corrupted politicians on the planet.

A sad day for Iceland.