Reykjarfjörður and Reykjarfjarðarlaug

  • One of the advantages driving the Westfjords in Iceland are the geothermal pools
Dec 9 2016

The Westfjords in Iceland are famous for the spectacular scenic drive in and out fjords and up and down mountain roads with many natural wonders included. It is often considered one of the most interesting road trips in Iceland.  One of the advantages driving the Westfjords in Iceland are the geothermal pools that pop up here and there by the road almost unexpectedly.  The pools are a perfect place to stop and dip into the warm water. Some of them are natural pools out in nature where you can enjoy the spectacular landscape while bathing and relaxing. One of those pools is located in Reykjarfjörður not far from the small village of Bíldudalur in a small fjord which is part of the large Arnarfjörður fjord. It is a few kilometers away from the steep and interesting climb to the mountain road Dynjandisheiði.  A place where you will have the most panoramic view of fjords and mountains.  Here almost on the road is a small swimming pool and a hot natural geothermal pot. The pool is 32 degrees Celsius and accessible around the clock all year round. Driving to this place in winter is on the other hand quite difficult.  The pot is a bit warm, about 45 degrees Celsius, as the preferred temperature for a geothermal pot and pools is 42 degrees Celsius. By the pool is a small cabin where you can change into your bathing suit. Reykjafjarðarlaug or The Reykjafjörður Pool is a perfect place to stop on your road trip in the Westfjords in Iceland.

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