Skinny-dipping in Hell

  • Skinny-dipping in Hell
Jul 15 2015

Skinny-dipping in Hell does not sound like a particularly pleasant idea. But this is what many visitors and locals love to do in the middle of the Icelandic Highland. Víti, or Hell as it translates into English, is one of the many fascinating natural wonders in Iceland. It is an explosion crater on the northeast shore of Öskjuvatn in the middle of the Icelandic Highland. The crater is approximately 150 meters in diameter and contains a geothermal lake of mineral-rich warm water. Although the name isn’t particularly inviting many visitors and tourists visiting the place like to dip into Víti. The water is not conveniently hot but enough to strip and take a short swim in the strange water floating on a volcano that erupted not so long ago. When you come home, you can at least say that you went “skinny-dipping in Hell” in an active volcano crater that could erupt at any moment.