Some Icelanders have experienced more than 25 eruptions

  • Some Icelanders have experienced more than 25 eruptions
Aug 29 2015

People born around 1960 in Iceland have experienced approximately 25 to 30 eruptions in their lifetime.  There have been numerous eruptions in Hekla, a few Gjástykki and also in Bárðarbunga, two in Eyjafjallajokull one in the town of Westman Islands and an island surfaced south of the coast of Iceland in the sixties in an undersea eruption.  One of the bigger eruptions in historical times, in terms of lava, just ended a few weeks ago north of the glacier Bárðarbunga in the ice cap Vatnajökull. Although some eruptions had catastrophic consequences, almost no lives were lost. For Icelanders, an eruption is something to be expected at any time, although we rely heavily on geologists to give us a few hours notice. For some years now we have been expecting an eruption in Hekla and also our precious volcano monster Katla. The photo is from the famous eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in 2010. It is probably the first time since the 18th century, when we had a catastrophic eruption in Lakagígar, that an eruption in Iceland has significant consequences for a large part of the population on the planet.