Spring has arrived in Reykjavík and the days are getting longer in Iceland

  • The WOW Cyclothon Race is held on June 15th to June 17th
May 20 2016

Time is relative when it comes to the term morning in Iceland. That is if morning refers to the time when it gets bright. In the winter morning can drag on until ten or sometimes depend on the weather, eleven. If it is cloudy and thick darkens seems to stay on forever. But in the summertime, we end up having brightness the whole night and Mr. Morning has no idea when he is supposed to enter the day.  We are now approaching that time with all is joy and wonders.

Recently bicycling has taken Icelanders like a storm or an epidemic. Everyone seems to own a racer and seems to take the ownership quite seriously.  Groups are practicing, racing, traveling hundreds of kilometers on weekends and you run into people on racers all dressed up in fancy cycling overalls, almost anywhere. This is just so wonderful and healthy and exciting.

On of the main reasons is the brilliant and exciting idea that came from Wow airline; the Wow Cyclothon. It is a race around Iceland, the 1,358 kilometer Ring Rod.  The Cyclothon Race is held on June 15th to June 17th and is a competition between teams.  Teams are often formed in working places.  The final registration date is May 30th if you are eager to participate here you can go to the website.

Needless to say, the race is a challenge as you must cycle through some of the most spectacular landscape on the Icelandic Ring Road. You may loose time as you are drawn to waterfalls or icebergs.