Surprising to experience the view from the sea

  • Surprising to experience the view from the sea
Sep 11 2015

There are so many places you can go to enjoy the beautiful landscape Iceland can offer. Although we have travelled to many of them throughout the years, it was conveniently . As we sailed by the shore in the western part of Barðaströnd in the West Fjords a few years ago, we discovered a whole new way to appreciate the beauty of Iceland. We also sailed farther west in front of the natural old landing place Skor, which has a significant place in Iceland's history. In 1768 Eggert Ólafsson a lawyer, natural scientist and a writer, who at that time was one of Iceland’s most noteworthy sons, drowned here in a tragic accident at the age of 41. His death was a major loss for a country that was just starting to recover from centuries of hardship and natural disasters. But this is typical Iceland, loaded with beauty and always a story to tell from one of the 12 centuries we have been here.