Swimming pools are all over the place

  • Swimming pools are all over the place
Oct 10 2015

One of the more important facilities that Icelanders had in place when tourism started to grow a few years ago were swimming pools. There are swimming pools in almost every town and village around the coastline. Some of the swimming pools are quite old. Others are fairly new and modern. So if you’re traveling in Iceland, you can be sure that you will find a good swimming pool in all the main regions. The Hit Iceland team has been to almost all swimming pools in the country since we travel Iceland constantly. Of all the swimming pools, we rank the swimming pool in Hveragerði in the Southern Region as the most beautiful swimming pool in Iceland and also the one with the most interesting history. The origin of the swimming pool can be traced back to 1936, and it has been rebuilt and renovated from that time in many admirable steps. The swimming pool in Hveragerði is an artwork placed in a magnificent environment. Hveragerði is a town right on the Ring Road, the main road around Iceland. So you don't have to go out of your way to visit this wonderful facility and take a bath at the same time or relax in a hot tub in a middle of a wonderful setting.