Taking children on a kids family vacation in Iceland

  •  If you are thinking about a holiday with the kids, Iceland should be on your list and for many reasons.
Dec 10 2016

If you are thinking about a holiday with the kids, Iceland should be on your list and for many reasons.  The most obvious reason is the same as for other tourists and visitors, the diversity in the landscape and choices of things to see.  Most curious kids like to see a real volcano and an old crater that once spewed glowing magma fro the ground and delivered fire, lava, and dark smoke in all directions. It is part of the children's adventures mind to be interested in seeing a location that possibly was, or is, a home of a dragon. 

The many adventures things to do with your kid

Standing at the entrance of an incredible canyon like Fjaðrárgljúfur is a thing a young mind will never forget. That also applies to sailing on an iceberg lagoon between large and cold icebergs.  Walking behind a waterfall with your parents on a narrow track is an adventure a child will probably not forget. And how about those mysterious mountains and cliffs that are homes to trolls that are feared by the elves living in small hills below.  Is it possible a child would not enjoy seeing the geyser Strokkur blow the seam twenty meters into the air or a magnificent waterfall like Dynjandi? And visiting Rauðfeldsgjá where you have an exciting mix of our Sagas, history, folklore, landscape and Mother Nature.  Most of this experience is reachable in an ordinary family car in a timespan of a few days.  It is also possible to spend weeks traveling between interesting places and magnificent natural wonders in Iceland, and always see new things.  And if you want to see anything more than natural wonders in the landscape you can take them on a stunning Whale Watching tour or to the island Papey and see puffins.

The best way and best time to travel with kids in Iceland

Traveling in a rent a car, or your own car if you prefer to take the ferry from Denmark, is the best option and the best time of year for such a family tour is June to the middle of September.  The most exciting way is to stay in a tent on some of the many camping sites in Iceland. Places like Skaftafell, Þórsmörk or Ásbyrgi.  Wherever you camp, there are no terrible insects in Iceland or any other dangerous creatures to worry about. It is a very safe country and ideal for a family vacation and ideal for kids. 

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.