The charming and beautiful fishing villages in the Eastern Region

  • The charming and beautiful fishing villages in the Eastern Region
Feb 28 2017

When you are traveling the Ring Road in the Eastern Region Iceland, you should take some time to visit some, if not all of the beautiful and charming fishing villages on the shore.  Each and every village has their distinct history and uniqueness and are a good place to stop and take a rest.  All have good, but different camping sites and accommodations and many have interesting museums and exciting adventures. 

Seyðisfjörður is one of our favorite towns in Iceland. A town that you don't want to miss if you are traveling in the Eastern Region. Many old and beautifully renovated houses and a charming fjord.  Borgarfjörður Eystri is a tiny village in the north-east, still a bit isolated and a bit of a difficult drive to visit, but worth it.  Breiðdalsvík is placed at the mouth of an interesting valley, Breiðdalur, with interesting waterfalls near by. The village offers an excellent service for those traveling in the East Region in Iceland.  Djúpivogur is a pleasant fishing village offering excellent service and one of the most beautiful surroundings of all villages in Iceland. Eskifjörður is a fishing town that is still mostly based on fishing as its main foundation for economic activity.  Fáskrúðsfjörður often referred to as the French Village is a beautiful and charming small town with a different history.   Neskaupstaður is one of the most important fishing towns in Iceland.  As the home of the large aluminum smelter, Reyðafjörður is one of the most important harbors in the Eastern Region.  In Stöðvarfjörður, like many towns and villages in the Eastern Region, fishing is still part of the livelihood and for many inhabitants the main economic base. Although a bit out of the loop from the Ring Road Vopnafjörður is a charming fishing town with much activity in fishing, and you don't want to miss.

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