The Giantess that didn't want to wet her feet

  • The Giantess that didn't want to wet her feet
Oct 16 2015

Tröllkonuhlaup, The Giantess Run, is an interesting waterfall in the river Þjórsá. It is a good example of how names in Icelandic nature and Icelandic landscape originated in folklore stories. The story goes, that some ages ago a giantess lived in the mountain Búrfell by the river Þjórsá and her sister lived in Bjólfell on the other side of the river. Apparently the sisters were very good friends and visited each other quite often. The sister at Búrfell was tired getting her feet wet when crossing, so she threw two large rocks into the river. The two rocks formed a kind of ledges in the middle of the waterfall and after that she could run in three steps over the river by the waterfall; Giantess Run. As you can see in the photo, the rocks are still there. We think this might be a true story.