The Highland in Iceland is a vast area

  • The Highland in Iceland is a vast area
Jul 11 2015

The Highland in Iceland is a vast area of hundreds of magical and peaceful places. It is a wonderful place to hike. It is also an exciting place for adventures four-wheel driving, with tough roads and difficult river crossing. All marked and well-known roads. It is a place of mysterious stories and a place of large and unexpected natural forces, eruption and earthquakes. But even though the Icelandic Highland has many powerful natural forces, it is one of the best places on the planet to find total peace in heart and mind, your private little sanctuary. And bear in mind that the Highland is also a highly sensitive area that needs caution and respect from all visitors. Fortunately, possibly as a natural defense mechanism, it is packed with snow for eight moths. Usually the Highland opens in the middle of July and closes in the second week of November, and sometimes sooner if snow falls early.