The Highland is soon covered with snow

  • The Highland in Iceland is soon covered with snow
Nov 9 2016

We have often discussed the highland of Iceland.  It is by any measure a very exciting and fascinating place. Not only is there a vast spectrum of diversity in the landscape but it is also a pleasant and peaceful place to visit.  You can choose many hiking trails and walk through many different kind of mountains, canyons, fissures and valleys while viewing waterfalls, lava, and craters that once delivered glowing lava.  When hiking you can choose an infinitive number of places to put up your tent and relax by the sound of a clear creek or a flock of geese or ptarmigans.  There are no animals you need to worry about here.  It is a place where you can easily enjoy life and recharge your batteries. You can also hike between the many cabins in the Highland and sometimes take advantage of the many geothermal pools during the evening.

The highland is open from July until late September

One important thing that everyone needs to know about the Highland in Iceland is the fact that the whole area is more or less above 900 meters in altitude, and is only open during the months of July to late September.  In October snow usually, kicks in and covers the whole area until it melts in the months of  May and June. During these winter months, it is a very different place compared to summer.  In addition to the snow, there are severe storms during winter in the Highland that can last for days. So if you are planning a hike or a tour in the Icelandic highland, you should plan your trip in July through September.  It is also a shrewd move to contact The Icelandic Touring Association or Útivist travel association to plan your hiking tour. 

Take the right gear and prepare 

Although all this is a fascinating caution, the right gear, and proper preparation is always needed.  As you can see from this photo taken in November by the mountain hut Dalakofi near the popular highland road Syðri Fjallabak, the landscape is covered with snow.