The man who discovered the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

  • The man who discovered the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Aug 8 2015

When building the Geothermal plant by the mountain Svartsengi on the Rykjanes Peninsula in the late seventies, a large lagoon appeared in the lava nearby. At first people noticed the small lake because of the beautiful blue color. At that time a young man in the nearby town of Keflavík, Valur Margeirsson, was fighting Psoriasis. Somehow he got the idea that the water in the lagoon could help his disease. Needless to say, people had their doubts. Among the most doubtful was the head physician at the dermatology department at the National Hospital who warned Mr. Margeirsson to dive into this unknown combination of sea, water and chemicals from the ground. His dermatologist, on the other hand, was positive towards the idea and encouraged him to try bathing in the new lagoon. After Mr. Margeirsson had got permission from the CEO of the Svartsengi Power Plant, he took his first swim in the Blue Lagoon in September 1981. After bathing a few times, it was obvious that swimming in the blue lagoon helped curing the disease. In the following years, more people with psoriasis started to dip into the blue lagoon to find a cure. And later others began to swim in the Blue Lagoon for fun. Today the Blue Lagoon is probably the most visited and best-known place in Iceland with thousands of visitors every day of the year. Just recently Mr. Margeirsson, the man who discovered the Blue Lagoon, passed away at the age of 66.