The Mjóifjörður pass, the temptation to leave the asphalt road to enter a narrow, steep and foggy gravel road

  • Even a gravel road covered with dark fog for miles at the top of a mountain
Mar 3 2017

When you are driving in Iceland a consideration regarding the type of car you rent when heading for a road trip is an important factor when planning a trip. Although most main roads are asphalt roads, you must keep in mind that some of those roads are two lanes and you are always meeting other cars.  And even if you plan to drive on asphalt roads only, you will probably find yourself in a situation discovering a major natural wonder along the way that you must visit. A visit that requires a change in plan and a drive on a gravel road. Sometimes on a challenging gravel road, both steep and narrow. Even a gravel road covered with dark fog for miles at the top of a mountain. So it is necessary to plan ahead and look at all of the options along the way.

Mjóifjörður fjord is a temptation by the Ring Road that 's hard to resist

Mjóifjörður or The Slim Fjord is a beautiful fjord in the Eastern Region in Iceland. It is an exciting place to visit for many reasons.  One is the fjord and the slopes on each side that seem to be leaking water wherever you go.  It is the fjord of many creeks, streams and small rivers. The fjord also has the easternmost part of Iceland that you can drive to if you dare to drive all the way to the end.  Last but not least it is the home of one of the most spectacular natural wonders in Iceland, the waterfall Klifbrekkufossar. And even though the road is only open during summer, from June to September, it is a narrow, steep and foggy road; a fog that can appear and cover your drive in a heartbeat.  But the temptation to leave the asphalt and enter this challenging road has proven to be irresistible for many visitors.

A typical gravel road that needs precaution

As a gravel road, this mountain pass is not particularly unique. There are many similar gravel roads, paths and narrow lanes that are tempting along the way if you are traveling the Ring Road. So when you are selecting a rent a car, you should plan first and then figure out what kind of car you need and take a lot of those loops into account.

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