The most impressive waterfall in Iceland

  • The most impressive waterfalls in Iceland
Aug 15 2015

The waterfall Dynjandi is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Iceland. It is not the most famous, probably because of the distance from Reykjavík or the main Ring Road, located in Arnarfjörður (The fjord of the Eagle) in the beautiful West Fjords. To stand near such a magnificent creation of nature is a moment to treasure, and visit in your mind in times of urban stress and noise. To take a great photo of such a place is, on the other hand, a matter of timing and time. When we drove by late in the afternoon in July, the sun was above the waterfall shining straight into the camera. There were many photographers struggling to find the right light. For anyone to take a good photo under those conditions, one must have good technical knowledge and be willing to spend some serious time by the waterfall. It would probably be better to come early in the morning light when the sun is coming up, or at sunset when the sun lights up the waterfall. It might sound peculiar to many that this is almost the same angle since the sun doesn’t disappear into a night in July in Iceland. It only dips down behind the horizon for a moment and comes up again moments later.