The most interesting Highland road in Iceland

  • The most interesting Highland road in Iceland
Oct 1 2015

The mountain road, Syðri Fjallabak, is the most interesting Highland road in Iceland. It is probably number one on our list of must places to visit in Iceland. Like most of the Highland roads, it is only open from middle of July until the end of September. The road has approximately six entrances and, therefore, six exits, if you choose to travel in a well equipped 4X4 vehicle. Part of the popular hiking trail Laugarvegur goes through part of Syðri Fjallabak. The whole area is a bit isolated, loaded with rivers, waterfalls, mountains of all colors, lava, small lakes, natural pools, ice caves, small glaciers and tons of motives for photographic fans. It has been on the top of our list for places to go to for many years, and we go there at least once every summer. This photo was taken a few weeks ago when a friend and a family member was passing the river Hólmsá on his well-equipped 4X4 Toyota Highlux. On our website that opens in November, we will have a more thorough article about this magical place in Iceland.