The Shore Piece sculpture at the Sculpture and Shore walk in Reykjavík

  • The Shore Piece Sculpture by Sigurður Guðmundsson
Feb 5 2017

As the name implies, there are some interesting sculptures along the Sculpture and Shore walk in Reykjavík. Although sculptures are often quite visible placed on a foundation for display others are not so obvious. By the shoreline at Sæbraut street, the city of Reykjavík built a breakwater to protect the shoreline against the mighty waves and forces of the ocean.  It is two and a half kilometer long wall starting in the City Center all the way to Laugarnes. By the breakwater is a popular walking path.

A Cultural Committee winner on the occasion of the millennium

During the millennium the Cultural Committee in the city of Reykjavík had a competition among artist on the occasion of the millennium.  Around 150 artists participated and sent in an artwork.  The winner was Sigurður Guðmundsson who is an internationally acclaimed Icelandic artist.  His piece was called The Shore Piece and consists of large polished rocks that are integrated into the breakwater. It was revealed at the opening ceremony at the beginning of the Reykjavík Art Festival in May 2002. 

The artwork is quite noticeable although integrated into the breakwater

The piece is located the end of Snorrabraut street at the intersection of Snorrabraut and Sæbraut street at the Rauðarár Bay (Red River Bay). It is easy to walk by the artwork without noticing.  But most people walking the Shore Walk are pleasantly surprised when passing the polished rocks and notice this shining part as the rocks often seem like shining or wet and display more color than the surrounding rocks. The granite rocks originally came from Sweden, transported and polished in China and transported back to Reykjavík and placed in the breakwater. 

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