The waterfall Hjállparfoss

  • The waterfall Hjállparfoss
Oct 11 2015

The waterfall Hjállparfoss (Help waterfall) in Þjórsárdalur is in a group of maybe 20 waterfalls in Iceland that people like to visit and photograph; and not without a reason. It is stunning placed in a beautiful surroundings. As we see in the photo the beauty of the waterfall can be magnified by colors of autumn and a thin layer of snow. The name is odd since waterfalls seldom help, except maybe when sacrificed and drowned in hydroelectric reservoirs to produce electricity. In the past when Icelanders traveled from the northern part to the south over the highland, they had a hard time finding a field for their horses to graze along the way. That is because the Highland is so high, as the name implies, that grass doesn’t grow in there. So after a two to three-day journey on their horses the grass by the waterfall in Þjórsárdalur was the first grass they found on the lower land after the long trip. And that was a lot of HELP for the horses.