Weather and travel warning for the next two to three days

  • Travellers are advised to check road conditions at the Icelandic Road Authority
Nov 24 2017

The Icelandic Met Office has issued a warning to travelers for Friday, November 24th and Saturday the 25th or possibly until Sunday the 26th. This means that most of the roads leading from Reykjavík and the capital city area are more or less closed or very difficult to drive. Anyone planning to travel is encouraged to check road conditions at Safetravel.  The storm warning applies particularly to the south coast, particularly the south-east coast,  and the northern part of Iceland.  In other parts of the country driving conditions are very difficult, and most of the roads on the Westfjords are closed.  This basically means that you should not go anywhere and stay where you are for a day or two.

The Met Office has made a note that weather warnings are in effect until late today, Friday and in the Eastern Region until tomorrow.  In addition strong winds are predicted and snow in the north and east parts until late Saturday. Dangerous wind gusts are expected near mountains in the south and west parts, but slowly decreasing late today.

Travellers are advised to check road conditions at the Icelandic Road Authority, weather forecasts and warning before continuing their travel. Rapidly decreasing winds and clearing on Saturday, first in the west parts.


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