When hiking in the Highland

  • When hiking in the Highland
Jul 27 2015

One of the most remarkable experiences when hiking in the Highland, or any remote area in Iceland, is the time when nature takes over. If the weather is fair, you will have excellent visibility over mountains, valleys, rivers, small lakes and other beautiful things. Things that appear on the wide horizon and you start experiencing an incredible feeling of peace and relaxation. If you prepare correctly with proper clothing, shoes, gear, knowledge of the terrain, a good GPS; you can hike in many places around the country. There are great tracks almost everywhere in Iceland. Most of them are not particularly challenging and attainable for anyone in good physical condition. The hiker on the photo walked alone, a distance of 38 kilometers in 20 hours through a fantastic landscape of the Snæfellsnes peninsula while working on an art project. Needless to say, the experience was incredible.