Winter has finally arrived in Iceland

  • Winter has finally arrived in Iceland
Feb 23 2017

Although it is February, Reykjavík has not seen much of a winter as we have barely seen snow or had a cold day.  Cold in the Icelandic sense.  This is very unusual as winter normally arrives with snow and regular snowstorms in December the latest.   The winter has actually been exceptionally mild and even most or January, and a large portion of February looked like a typical spring day in Iceland.  But today the Icelandic Med Office issued a warning for Friday the 24th, tomorrow. The storm warning is rather strong and issued for the whole country more or less.  This means that people should not travel the roads and preferably stay at home. Definitely not the time to view the natural wonders.

The storm is ao severe that the Safetravel website has issued this warning: “Tomorrow, Friday, we are expecting a violent storm in ALL Iceland! NO TRAVEL CONDITIONS! Storm moving northeast to Akureyri, Mývatn & Húsavík in the afternoon!”

For the main road Ring Road Nr. 1 it has also issued a special notice: “Road no. 1 is CLOSED from Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Skeiðarársandur due to snow!”  This is, of course, a warning that people should take seriously and the vocabulary is almost rare.  No one should travel the Ring Road part in the south tomorrow.
It is on the other hand o.k. to walk around in Reykjavík, although not as much fun as you would have on a clear and calm day. This also means that anyone taking a walk in Reykjavík should put on some warm clothes. It is a day of the severe storm, snow, and wind. 

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