You can find deserted tiny villages around the coastline

  • You can find deserted tiny villages around the coastline
Aug 12 2015

On the coastline in Iceland, there are a few tiny villages, or hamlets, that are deserted. Most of those places had a role and a purpose decades or centuries ago connected to fishing and fish processing. Most of them also lost their function when fishing grounds disappeared with a decline in the stock. One such hamlet is Gjögur located on Strandir in the West Fjords region. Fortunately, Icelanders are interested in their heritage and family history, and many families that trace their history to such deserted hamlets continue to renovate and fix their families old houses. Sometimes it gives the visitor the impression that the town was never deserted. Houses that are used for summer vacation and family purpose, like in Gjögur where no one lives during the winter. Another reason for the interest in renovating the old houses is the fact that these hamlets are often located in a beautiful landscape with recreational options, like hiking.