In memory of Hot Stuff and General Andrews

  • Monument dedicated to honoring those on the B-24 when it crashed
May 5 2018

On May 2rd 1943 a B-24 Liberator bomber in the US Air Force, Hot Stuff, crashed into the mountain Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.  It was one of many aircraft accidents in Iceland during WWII but an exceptionally tragic one.  All members of the plane were killed in the crash except one. The story of Hot Stuff is a remarkable one as the crew had completed 31 successful missions during the war and was the first to complete 25 missions.  As a reward, Hot Stuff was chosen to tour the US to sell bonds to finance the war. The flight plan took a slide change as they were preparing to leave in England when General Frank Maxwell Andrews joined the crew. At the time General Andrews was the Commander of the European Theater of Operations. His mission, on the other hand, was to participate in critical strategic high ranking meetings and prepare the invasion of Normandy.  He had been selected to command the entire Allied Forces. 

Hot Stuff monument

A B-52 bomber flew over the monument site

Forgotten heroes

The crash was a major event at the time in Iceland.  It was even a major blow for the Allied Forces.  It was the worst crash in Iceland's history, and it took time to find the plane and the crash site. Fourteen crew members died in the crash, and one survived. The rescue was difficult as the weather was harsh and the plane spread at the mountain slope. The days after the crash were days of mourning and sadness as the men were buried.  But the war was at its peak, and Hot Stuff was replaced for the mission in the US, and General Eisenhower replaced general Andrews. And in the turmoil of events, they were all soon forgotten.

The monument dedicated to Hot Stuff

Opening ceremony, from left Jill Esposido representing the US embassy, Jim Lux, Guðlaugur Þórðarson minister of foreigh affairs in Iceland and Lt. General Richard Clark. 

Fallen but not forgotten

In recent years Jim Lux from Texas made it his mission to restore the reputation of Hot Stuff and General Andrews. After working intensely for seven years with Icelandic brothers, Þorsteinn Marteinsson and Ólafur Marteinsson, owners and creators of the website, a monument was built and dedicated to honoring those on the B-24 when it crashed. The monument opened on May 3rd, 2018, 75 years after the accident. The monument it is located near Mt Fagradalsfjall, and the mountain can be seen in the background. 

Opening ceremony in May 2018 Hot Stuff

The monument and Mt. Fagradalsfjall in the background

How to find the monument

For those who are interested in history and WWII history, it is a great place to visit and relatively easy to find.  From Reykjavík, you drive to road Nr.41 the same road you drive when going to the international airport in Keflavík. But you turn south on road Nr. 43 to Grindavík, the same intersection you take when driving to the Blue Lagoon.  From the intersection, the monument should be visible on your left side after you drive about 5 kilometers.

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