Kermóafoss waterfall in Elliðarárdalur Reykjavík

  • Kermóaafoss, the largest and most exciting waterfall in Elliðaárdalur
Dec 24 2017

There are probably few cities in the world that have a river running through its districts.  Let alone a river where people can go fishing and catch a salmon.  But in Reykjavík the capital of Iceland you will find a river running through a beautiful valley Elliðarárdalur. The river has its origin in the two square kilometer lake Elliðavatn.  The lake is quite shallow as most of it is only 1 meter in depth. The valley is a great place to take two to three hours to hike.

Hiking the valley to Kermóafoss waterfall

The hike from the parking lot by the old power station near the shore to the lake is about five kilometers. Along the way, there are many beautiful waterfalls.  One of the most interesting is halfway near the dam in Árbær district.  The distance to the waterfall Kermóaafoss, the largest and most exciting waterfall in Elliðaárdalur valley is only about one and a half kilometer.  When you are by the waterfall, you do not have any view of the city, and you could as well far away form the city.  The valley and specifically the waterfall is an oasis in the middle of the city.

A long dispute about the waterfall Kermóafoss

Part of Elliðará river is divided into two branches, the south, and the north side.  Kermóafoss is in the south branch and part of the beautiful hiking path on the south and side of the river.  In the eighties, there was harsh disputed about the waterfall as a dam was built above the waterfall to direct all the water to the north and east side of the river.  One of the main aims was to increase the water flow to the advantage for salmon fishing.  When this was done, from June to September, the waterfall just disappeared, leaving only the bare rocks and cliffs.  

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