Lake Kýlingar in the highland of Iceland

  • Kýlingar lake at Fjallabak in Iceland
Jan 29 2020

If you live in a city that is crowded with people and loaded with stressful moments from buses, cars, honking horns, whining sirens, people shouting, the highland of Iceland is a place to visit and experience. It is a place on the other side of the emotional scale of stress and anxiety. It is a place of relaxation, a place of quiet moments, a home of only a few birds that make beautiful sounds, and a place of stillness. A place that is free of predators and dangerous animals. If you want to travel to a place that has all these qualities, you should plan a tour to Iceland and also a visit to find a new kind of experience. A peaceful trip to a beautiful and quiet place like the calm lake of Kýlingar at Fjallabak.

Lake Kýlingar at Fjallabak

Kýlingar lake is a paradise for photographers
Light is one of the most critical ingredients in the landscape of front of you when taking a photo. Another variable is the wind. Particularly in Iceland, where the wind seems to be ever-present. So it is quite delightful when you come across a shallow lake like Kýlingar when the wind is absent, and the weather is calm. This is the time when you can spend hours experiencing, viewing, figuring out motives, walking, hiking, and planing. A great addition to the relaxing atmosphere.