Námaskarð or Hverarönd

  • boiling mud at Námaskarð Hverarönd
  • Námaskarð / Hverarönd
  • hot spring at Námaskarð Hverarönd

If there is a place with apparent "wow" factor in Iceland, it has got to be Námaskarð. Located a short distance from the spectacular volcanic mountain, Krafla, Námaskarð, Hverarönd, is an expanse of hot springs, fumaroles, mud pools and mud pots. Everything is at a boiling point in the stunning arctic desert. No vegetation in sight. The constant emission of fumes has made the ground completely sterile and acidic, thus unfit to sustain flora and fauna. But, the colorful minerals defy imagination.

Námaskarð is a short distance from Lake Mývatn where you can enjoy rich vegetation and refreshing spring water. At Námaskarð, you will be hard to find pure spring water. Everything is imbued with sulfur, even the air, making the smell from the area quite distinct. Those who dislike the smell will tell you the area smells like rotten eggs. Those who do like it will maintain it has the fragrance of living, breathing earth constantly on the move.

This barren beauty is definitely a place to visit. You can spend hours gazing in amazement at the ever-changing patterns and hues. But, be mindful of the sulfur. Too much of it is not only harmful to vegetation, but also to humans.

Below is the location of Námaskarð / Hverarönd on the map of Iceland