Eiríksstaðir the farm where Leif the Lucky was born

  • Leif the Lucky who was born at Eiríksstaðir


Eiríksstaðir is a farm and a museum in the West Region in Iceland.  Placed in this historically rich region it is the place where the Viking Erik the Red lived during his troublesome early adult life.  Eric is a famous person in the Icelandic Sagas because of his lethal disputes with his neighbors and also because of his migration to Greenland after being outlawed in Iceland.  Eric is also credited for being the person that discovered Greenland and gave the land its name. But not the least is he famous for being the father of the Viking Leif the Lucky who was born at Eiríksstaðir where he spent his childhood and later in life discovered America centuries before Columbus. 

A great opportunity to understand conditions at the time of settlement

At Eiríksstaðir museum you will find a house similar to the one Erik and his wife Þjóðhildur lived in during the  10th century before they moved to Brattahlíð in Greenland.  At Eiríksstaðir you will also find ruins of the original farm that was documented in excavations around 1998.  It is a fantastic opportunity to see and understand how exactly people lived in the times of settlement. It is also an excellent opportunity to see the condition that the Viking Leif the Lucky lived in when growing up.  The museum also has on display all kinds of interesting tools and weapons that belonged to people during the early settlement years in Iceland.  At Eiríksstaðir

Easily accessible from Vestfjarðarvegur Road Nr. 60

Eiríksstaðir is easily accessible, and you can visit the farm during summer from the beginning of Jun until the end of August.  If you are coming from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland you turn left on Road Nr. 1 approximately 36 kilometres north of Borgarnes town to Road Nr. 60.  After about 32 kilometer drive you turn right on Road Nr. 586 Haukadalsvegur. The distance from the intersection to Eiríksstaðir is about 8 kilometers.  

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Below is the location of Eiríksstaðir on the map of Iceland