• Grettislaug geothermal pool has been at Reykir from time of Settlement
  • Reykir and the two man-made pools are a great place to stop and rest enjoying the beautiful landscape in Skagafjörður.
  • The earl of Drangey


There are many natural pools in Iceland.  Most of the pools that have attraction are natural hot springs that blend with a small creek or a cold stream out in nature and mix into a bearable temperature. One of the most popular and best known is the pool in Landmannalaugar in the Highland.  Usually, those natural pools are made by nature without little or any help from man.  Most of them have been there as long as anyone can remember. 

Grettir, the strongest man who ever lived in Iceland

At Reykjaströnd at the farm Reykir, 40 kilometers from the Ring Road at Varmahlíð, you will find two small pools or jacuzzi's named Grettislaug and Jarlslaug (the Earl´s pool).  Grettislaug referring to Grettir the strongest man in the Icelandic Sagas and Jarlslaug referring to Jón Eiríksson, who is still alive and a kind of a legend.  He earned his nickname Jarl or Earl because of his countless tours and knowledge of the rock island Drangey.  Jón was given the name by his friends and the public; the Earl of Drangey.
As the owner of the farm Reykir, Jón built both pools using natural springs using water with exactly the right temperature coming from the ground. Hot Springs that have been there for hundreds of years. According to the Saga about Grettir, there was a pool or a hot spring in this place around eleven hundred years ago.  The time Grettir swam his famous swim from Drangey. 

Grettir after the swim

Reykir and the two man-made pools are a great place to stop and rest enjoying the beautiful landscape in Skagafjörður.  You also have a great view to Drangey, and it is ideal to read the Saga Grettissaga before you dip into the pool Grettislaug.  You can only imagine how relaxing it must have been for Grettir coming from the cold sea from the rock Drangey and resting for hours in the hot spring.  Unfortunately, for the infamous outlaw, renowned for his strength and dominating presence a secret was reviled. The day after when he lay naked inside the house at Reykir, two women came into the room and saw him naked on the bed. To their dismay, he was as massive as expected but discussed between them, and were quite embarrassed by how "small he was built downwards." Possibly the root of his endless problems.

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Below is the location of Grettislaug geothermal pool on the map of Iceland