• Hólaskjól campsite in highland in Iceland


If you intend to drive the traditional and popular Highland road Nyrðri Fjallabak, Hólaskjól camp site is a good place to start or end depending on the direction you choose.  It is placed in a beautiful surrounding quite near Eldgjá the famous canyon and Ófærufoss waterfall.  The campsite and all the facilities are excellent but remember and take into account that this is a mountain hut.  It is a campsite away from all the convenience of urban campsites which also gives it another kind of charm.  When you are in Hólaskjól, you are in the mountains.

Start your Nyrðri Fjallabak drive at Hólaskjól

Our recommendation is to drive from the east to the west when driving Nyrðir Fjallabak mountain road.  One of the reasons is Hólaskjól; it is a good place to start your drive early in the morning.  Another reason is the surrounding area. When you have settled in there is an excellent short hiking trail at Hólaskjól up by the river Syðri Ófæra.  It is a good evening walk where you will see interesting basalt column and a magnificent waterfall Silfurfoss.  Just a short hike into the lava field that takes less than an hour and is quite relaxing and good before you a good night sleep in the mountains.

How to get to Hólaskjól

If you plan to visit Hólaskjól, you are probably planning to drive Nyrði Fjallabak. The best way to access the road to Hólaskjól is from the Ring Road some 23 kilometers west of the village Kirkjubæjarklaustur.  Here you take a turn north on Road nr. 208 and drive approximately 16 kilometers until you take a left turn and enter the Mountain Road F208 Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri. On this road, you need to drive about 20 kilometers to reach Hólaskjól camping site.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Hólaskjól on the map of Iceland