Kvernufoss waterfall

  • Kvernufoss bears many similarities to the famous Seljalandsfoss and could easily be its little sister


In a walking distance, east of the famous waterfall Skógafoss in the Southern Region in Iceland is a beautiful waterfall that few people visit. The name of the waterfall is Kvernufoss, and it is about 40 meters high.  Although the waterfall is visible from a narrow-angle from the main road, it is almost hidden in a beautiful gorge. The fall is in the river Kverná tracing its origin to the south slopes of Eyjafjallajokull, and the gorge also bears the name Kvernugorge or Kvernugil.  Not only is the waterfall beautiful but also the narrow gorge. The path to the waterfall is only about 600 meters.  It is a joy to walk as the whole surrounding becomes a bit isolated and quiet as you approach the waterfall. It is a combination of palagonite cliffs, rocks, and vegetation. 

Seljalandsfoss little sister

The waterfall bears many similarities to the famous Seljalandsfoss and could easily be its little sister. Like the famous Seljalandsfoss, you can also walk behind this waterfall although everything is smaller and more narrow. The walk behind and near the waterfall is quite slippery, and attention is needed along with good hiking shoes.  It is not an easy walk and might not be wise in the winter unless equipped with ice spikes.  But for serious photographers, it is an excellent challenge. Because of the narrow gorge, the best time of day to take photos would be in the middle of the day if the sky is clear.  This way you get rid of the sharp shadow. 

Access is easy and simple

Access to Kvernufoss is quite simple as it is located a few hundred meters from the Ring Road Nr. 1. If you drive to Skógar and Skógafoss, the best option is to skip the turn to Skógafoss after turning from the Ring Road north towards Skógar and head to the Skógar museum. From the parking lot at the museum, you walk to the east over the fence and onto an almost unclear path as this is not a mainstream tourist attraction.  This route will take you to the gorge and from there it is impossible to miss the waterfall Kvernufoss.

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Below is the location of Kvernufoss on the map of Iceland