• Skrúður is a steep and grassy island at the mouth of Fáskrúðsfjörður.


Skrúður is a steep and grassy island at the mouth of Fáskrúðsfjörður. It is in many ways quite remarkable. With rich fishing grounds surrounding the island fishermen from the mainland frequented it throughout the year. On the island you will find high and spacious caves, Skrúðshellir, which was the fishermen's home away from home, so to speak. Indeed, the island was a kind of food basket for the locals who would hunt birds and collect eggs there. Not being able to return home on the same day, or the following day, due to weather wasn't a problem. There was always enough room in the caves.

The folklore part

The superstitious lot was not too keen to go there, though. According to legends, there were once three brothers, giants, living on Skrúður and the two neighboring islands, Streitishvarf, and Papey. The one living on Skrúður wanted a wife. He made a trip to the next vicarage on the mainland, at Kolfreyjustaður, and abducted the priest's young and beautiful daughter.

Vegetation at Skrúður

The vegetation on Skrúður is quite remarkable. It stays green throughout the year due to being richly fertilized by the myriad of birds nesting there. The local farmers used to take their sheep to graze there during the summer. But, in the fall when they went back for them, some of some of the sheep was unaccounted for. The blame was, predictably, blamed on the Giant and his missus that angered the farmers so much so that they asked the Catholic bishop at Hólar in North Iceland to, please, visit their area to drive the giant away.
Different legends maintain the giant was always a great help to those in need, such as shipwrecked fishermen, and always refer to him a the farmer on Skrúður.

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