Staðarbjörg cliff and Staðarbjargarvík cove

  • The cliffs are actually a small trading post or hamlet inhabited by elves


Basalt column is a captivating formation of rocks.  It is one of many creations of nature that visitors in Iceland are interested in as the structure is often quite beautiful and unique.  Although Staðarbjörg small basalt column cliffs by the Staðarbjargarvík cove in the tiny village of Hofsós are rather accessible, the place has not drawn much attention.  It is probably still a kind of hidden gem as it is a good place with easy access to see the basalt column formation.  The small cliffs are pretty impressive as they rise from the sore in their regular formation.  It is also relatively easy to step onto part of the rocks although caution is required when climbing on rocks and cliffs.  The formation with the magnificent fjord Skagafjörður in the background is a great place to take interesting photos.  Compared to many other basalt column formations in Iceland Staðarbjörg is an impressive sight.

The cliffs are actually a small trading post or hamlet inhabited by elves

A story of a poor farmer whose wool was declined by the local merchant at Hofsós some centuries ago has been preserved and gives a deeper sight into the cliffs.  As he was heading back from the store with his wool in desperation, a stranger approached him. He invited him into the cliffs at Staðarbjörg, and to the farmer’s disbelief, it was actually a small beautiful village full of life and elves.  The stranger told him that he was also a merchant and traded with a ship that arrived each year the first week of summer.  He offered to trade with him and told him that his wool was much better than the merchant at the Hofsós store had suggested.  He also gave him a beautiful scarf as a gift to his wife.  They agreed to do a wool trade each year, and their arrangement would be a secret.  The farmer upheld that agreement but told the story on his deathbed.  Fortunately for us, we can now see how a beautiful small elf village looks.

Finding your way to Hofsós and Staðarbjörg

When you are driving the Ring Road in Iceland in the Northern Region in Skagafjörður, you need to take a turn on Road Nr. 76 Siglufjarðarvegur.  The distance to Hofsós is 42 kilometers.  By the shore below the fantastic swimming pool in Hofsós, there are a few steps down on a staircase.  When you are down by the coast, you have a great view of this beautiful basalt column formation and apparently a small elf village.

Below is the location of Staðarbjörg on the map of Iceland