Make Akureyri your center when exploring the North Region in Iceland

Why stay in the town Akureyri?  Finding a suitable accommodation, hotel or a guesthouse in Akureyri in the Northern Region in Iceland is a great option for those who are planning a tour to the Northern Region. Especially those planning to visit the many natural wonders in the Norht Eastern Region like Dettifoss waterfall, JökulsárgljúfurGoðafoss waterfall, and Námaskað hot springs. Have an exciting time in Akureyri at a great hotel and enjoy all the fabulous restaurants the beautiful northern town offers. And during the day drive to some of the most spectacular natural wonders just hours away. In the winter you can most certainly find a place nearby to view the northern lights. 

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Akureyri accommodation iceland northern region

Goðafoss waterfall is less than an hours drive from Akureyri

Goðafoss waterfall is less than an hours drive from Akureyri

Jökulsárgljúfur with all its fascination is a good one day road trip from Akureyri

Jökulsárgljúfur with all its fascination is a good one day road trip from Akureyri

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Oct 8 2016

Autumn is a beautiful time to travel in Iceland.  As the leaves start to change color in late September the overall color of landscape with trees and vegetation begins to change. When driving from Reykjavík to the northern part, you drive through a landscape that during summer is more or less green through the landscape of many colors. Red, yellow and orange starts to take over large areas giving the whole landscape scenery a new look.  This is very true if the weather has been calm during the period of color changing, from the middle of September through late October. 

As we are traveling in the north of Iceland and staying in Akureyri, we noticed that the autumn is exceptionally beautiful

Lystigarðurinn (The Botanical Gardens) is Akureyri's pride and joy. It was a public park, opened in 1912, and a botanical garden opened in 1957. It has approximately 6600 alien taxa growing in beds and nursery, as well as, 430 species of the native taxa. Located a mere 50 kilometers from the Arctic Circle, developing and maintaining the beautiful Gardens has been no mean feat. It all started in 1910 when a number of women in Akureyri founded the Park Association to beautify their town.  A year earlier the town council had given them a hectare of land to play with, never realizing the ladies meant business. For the next forty-three years, the Gardens were run by the Park Society and increased to 3.6 hectares.

Apart from being tranquil and beautiful Gardens, the Botanical Gardens gradually became a place for scientific research. Many of the plants placed there were believed not to be able to survive on the Arctic edge. But, survive they did, and what's more: They prospered.

Within the Gardens, you'll also find fountains and tiny lakes where children like to play. At the southeast corner, you will find a few wooden buildings. One of them is a café/bistro with a large patio. It is the most delightful place to sit down and relax on a sunny day.

Lystigarðurinn (The Botanical Gardens) is Akureyri's pride and joy


Kjarnaskógur, the "forest" south of Akureyri is so much more than a forest. In 1952, the first trees were planted in Kjarnaskógur with a plan for the woods to encircle Akureyri in the future. Gradually, as the woods grew; the area was also being developed into a leisure and recreation area. Today it has a 2 km long, athletic course, hiking trails, picnic areas with BBQ facilities and a children's playground. At the upper end, you'll find a camping site in the hills with a majestic view over the Eyjafjörður fjord and the Akureyri town.

Apart from various scrubs and trees, the dominant species of trees are birch and larch. The wild vegetation is highly diverse, with more than 210 recorded species; mostly those who are also common in the adjoining wetlands, but also rare species like primrose and bluebell.

The Akureyri townsfolk appreciates Kjarnaskógur. They call it their "outdoors paradise" as they can enjoy outdoors activities there throughout the year. It is family friendly. On any given day, you will come upon local families hiking, playing and picnicking during summer. During winter, they will be playing in the snow, making "snow angels" on the ground, kneading snowmen – or the parents will be teaching mere toddlers to stand on their skis.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Kjarnaskógur on the map of Iceland

Kjarnaskógur, the "forest" south of Akureyri is so much more than a forest.

Akureyri is the largest town in Iceland outside the Reykjavík and the Capital City area.  Akureyri is also one of the few places around the coastline that formed a cluster of houses as early as the 17th century that developed into a town.

A walk up the stairs to the church that towers over the center is a must.