Iceland is truly a geological wonderland.  For geologists, the island is a significant source for research offering more variety of places to study than most places on the planet.  Some of the geological wonders are also one of our most popular attractions, like basalt column stacks and all kinds of basalt column formations. Although this beautiful structure, originating in basalt lava, is found in many places in the world, Iceland is probably the best place to find many beautiful basalt columns. At least where the distance between them is relatively short.

Basalt column places that you will enjoy

Yet another stunning waterfall in Iceland. Aldeyjarfoss is situated in the north of Iceland, north of the highland road Sprengisandur (Road F26). Therefor the waterfall is almost on the boarder of the highlands. It is an overwhelming sight to see the powerful river, Skjálfandafljót drop 20 meters down next to the majestic basalt columns in Aldeyjarfoss. Besides the basalt columns the lava field it is a part of contains a broad variety of rock formation. Although bit of a hassle to get to since a 4WD vehicle is needed a pitstop by Aldeyjarfoss is completely worth it.

Yet another stunning waterfall in Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss.


The 20-meter high waterfall Aldeyjarfoss in the river Skjálfandafljót is a powerful stream of glacial water forcing its way from the Icelandic Highland between stunning basalt columns cliffs.  Proximity to the waterfall is almost intimidating as its power, and the muddy color is somehow threatening.  The river and the waterfall are carrying tons of soil and dirt from under the glacier Vatnajökull ice cap determined to deliver it to the northern shore where the river meets the open sea.  But this company of a beautiful basalt column cliffs and the mighty stream of dirt and water is a breathtaking combination.  And the nature of it is more like a beast than beauty.

Very photogenic but quite difficult to grab

Some of us consider the waterfall to be a photographic gem. Mainly because of its stunning basalt column surrounding in addition to the so-called Skessukatlar formation that is also characteristic for the cliff around the waterfall. Skessukatlar or “Giantess Kettle” are potholes in the surrounding walls formed by small stones in a whirlpool in the powerful stream. But you rarely see a photo of the waterfall that is stunning.  Not as stunning as standing in front of the beast. It is simply difficult to capture. 

Access to Aldeyjarfoss waterfall

The waterfall Aldeyjarfoss is located at the end of a long valley Bárðardalur in northern Iceland. On the Road Nr. 1 by another famous waterfall in the river Skjálfandafljót, Goðafoss, you turn south on Road Nr. 842 to the south.  The drive to Aldeyjarfoss is 40 kilometers, and at the end, you turn to Road F26, Sprengisandsleið, and just drive about 3 kilometers. The F road is a mountain road accessible only for 4WD vehicles. The 3 kilometers are on the other hand quite easy to drive for any vehicle, but if you decide to go farther on F26 you need to a 4WD.

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Below is the location of Aldeyjarfoss waterfall on the map of Iceland

The 20-meter high waterfall Aldeyjarfoss in the river Skjálfandafljót is a powerful stream of glacial water forcing its way from the Icelandic Highland