May 14 2017

If you want to keep your cost to a minimum when traveling in Iceland, you have some choices despite the popular believe that Iceland is expensive.  One thing you need to do though is spending some time preparing and looking carefully into many options for transportation, accommodation, and food.  The more you prepare and the better your organize your vacation, the less expensive it will be. One option is to take advantage of the many campsites around the country to lower your accommodation cost.

In Iceland you are not allowed to camp anywhere - it is not legal.

Camping and hiking in Iceland are among the great options for people planning a vacation, a trip, a drive along the coastline or a road trip to Iceland.

Camping and hiking in Iceland


In the district, Laugardalur you will find one of the largest industrial and commercial areas in the city of Reykjavík. Developed at a time when Reykjavík was advancing as a small town and becoming a city while the population was increasing rapidly, Laugardalur became the breeding ground for all kinds of business and commercial solutions.  A development that demanded better transportation, better areas for industry, a larger port, better facilities for sports and recreational activity among many other requirements that surfaced and demanded a solution. This was in the early forties, and most of the projects and buildings were built in the period up until the seventies and eighties. And even today many parts of the area are still seeing new buildings serving new industries, like hotels and office buildings serving the rapidly growing travel industry.

A key district for industry and commerce

There are mainly four areas for the industry and commerce in Laugardalur district. Laugarnes, which probably still has some development potential, Sund where all kinds of companies and the main port of Reykjavík is located, Borgartún, which many consider the center of our small and damaged, but slowly recovering, financial companies, banks and financial institutions and Skeifan which is mainly a commercial area.

In Laugardalur district in Reykjavík is the heart of sports events in Iceland

Laugardalur is the heart of Iceland’s sports and our participation in international sports like soccer, handball as well as track and field. Here is where our small but sufficient Stadium is located. It is also one of the largest outdoor recreational areas in the city. The main camping ground in Reykjavík is conveniently located in Laugardalur beside our favorite outdoor swimming pool, Laugardalslaug. But Laugardalur also has a few residential neighborhoods. Although most of the houses are single-family houses or two to three story houses with two to three apartments there are also some of the largest and tallest residential buildings in Reykjavík in the district of Laugardalur. In all the residential neighborhoods service for the residents have always been of high quality. There are good kindergarten, primary- and secondary schools as well as "state of the art" sports facilities.

Reykjavík Iceland map of Laugardalur district

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