Streitishvarf is a small peninsula between the fjord Berufjörður and the bay Breiðdalsvík in eastern Iceland. The small 12-meter high lighthouse called Streiti at the tip of the peninsula is quite visible from the main road. A parking lot is on the road, and this is an excellent place to stop, take a short hike, admire the landscape north and south of the lighthouse and rest from your drive.  Hiking by the shore gives an excellent view of the mountains as well as to the sea and the coastline. It is actually a place where the locals like to come and hike.  Down by the coast, there are many interesting photo opportunities with rocks and cliffs in the foreground and mountains in the background.  It is an ideal place to stop and relax and enjoy the nature, the view and the rich birdlife by the cliffs. 

A gentle giant lives in a rock by the road

According to folklore in the eastern region, a giant lives in the rock near the road.  He has two brothers; one lives in the island Skrúður, not far from Steinshvarf and the other one lives in Papey island near the coast.  It is believed that this giant is good natured and is on good terms with his brothers. Once a year around Christmas time they meet for a chat. It has been documented that on at least one occasion some decades or centuries ago a very tired traveler stopped outside his rock or home called Srkúðskambur and sang a small verse he had composed himself. As he finished his verse the cliff opened, and a table of food and a bottle of wine was put in front of him. Although this is a true story we are not sure, this will be repeated for travelers today.  It might be worth it to try to sing a verse out loud once you are at the parking lot and see if the gentle giant will hand you a table of food and a bottle of vine.

Access is as easy as possible

As the parking lot is only a few steps or few meters from the main road Ring Road Nr. 1 access to Streitishvarf is quite simple.  It is basically a turn to the parking lot.  Even if you only stop for a short time, a walk to the lighthouse is a good way to stop and stretch your legs and rest from the driving.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Streitishvarf on the map of Iceland

Streitishvarf is a small peninsula between the fjord Berufjörður and the bay Breiðdalsvík in eastern Iceland.