On our website hiticeland.com, we have thousands of photos from Iceland. Among the photos on our website are photos from the most popular and exciting natural wonders, pictures from towns and villages and many other interesting photos.  Although we keep our copyright, we allow visitors to our site to copy and download photos from our website free of charge.  We know that people often need photos from Iceland when planning a trip or a vacation in Iceland. Possibly to send in an e-mail or publish on a website or even on Facebook or Twitter or other social media.  Often people also need photos with articles or news items about Iceland. 
If this applies to you feel free to download or copy our photos and use them free of charge, but with two conditions.  If you decide to download, copy and use our photos we kindly ask you to honor and respect our conditions.

Our two conditions for free photos from the Hit Iceland website

On the one hand, we ask you to tell your viewers and readers that the photos are from Hit Iceland, published as a courtesy of Hit Iceland and ask you to put a clickable URL with this notification to our website.  This applies to each photo.  A typical text or caption with the photo would be

Photos: Courtesy of hiticeland.com – and have the link clickable.

On the other hand, you cannot copy more than ten images. You can not use more than ten on a website or in an article.  The primary purpose is to give people the option of using photos from interesting places in Iceland to communicate and plan but not to build anything commercial with our photos. 

By opening access to our photos for everyone to use free of charge we hope it will be easier to plan a vacation and a trip to Iceland. There are so many places to visit, so many natural wonders to view, so many variations to plan, so many exotic angles that we know our photos can benefit those who are planning and dreaming. And that is why we waive our rights and ask everyone instead to honor our conditions.

If you want to use our photos for printing or in another way outside this permission, please contact us at info@hiticeland.com