10 most impressive, interesting, most beautiful stunning and best waterfalls in Iceland

Iceland is a paradise for photographers.  The motives and natural wonders all around the country are almost infinitive. But apart from the motives, there are also other important factors involved.

Capturing Hjálparfoss waterfall


Hjállparfoss (Help waterfall) is a beautiful waterfall in the spectacular valley Þjórsárdalur in the South Region in Iceland. The waterfall is among 20 waterfalls in Iceland that are easily accessible and popular to visit and, on the list of most visited places in Iceland.  The waterfall is a joy to photograph in any season, from many angles, although the fall is the most spectacular and our favorite, due to the autumn colors of the vegetation around the waterfall.

The name Hjálparfoss has a historical explanation

Hjálparfoss and all the surrounding is a stunning place. As can be seen in the photos, the beauty of the waterfall can be magnified by colors of autumn and a thin layer of snow.  The name is a bit strange since waterfalls seldom help but the name has its history. In the past when Icelanders traveled from the Northern Region to the Southern Region over the Highland, they had a hard time finding a field for their horses to graze along the way. As the altitude in the Highland barely allows for conditions that are favorable for vegetation.   So after a two to three-day journey on their horses the grass by the waterfall in Þjórsárdalur was the first grass they found for the horses, on the lower land after the long trip. And that was a lot of HELP for the horses. And that's how the waterfall got its name. The waterfall by the grass field that helped feed the horses after a few days journey over the sandy and rocky Highland.

Easily accessible all year long

The waterfall is located in Þjórsárdalur, a valley where the mighty river Þjórsá runs.  Hjálparfoss, on the other hand, is a part of the river Fossá that originates in the lower part of the Highland north of Þjórsárdalur and merges with Þjórsá not far from the waterfall. When driving from Reykjavík on the Ring Road (1), you take the road (30) northbound and turn east on the road (32) after approximately 30 minutes.  After driving your car for 20 minutes or so you will see a sign by road (3361) that says Hjálparfoss, and you are basically there. 

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Hjálparfoss waterfall on the map of Iceland

The waterfall Hjálparfoss is among 20 waterfalls in Iceland that are easily accessible and popular