Húsavík in the Northern Region is the whale watching capital of Iceland and possibly the world.  North Sailing has operated their tours for more than two decades and is the most experienced whale watching company in Iceland.  It was our first choice when looking for a partner to offer a whale watching tour on Hit Iceland. A tour that we have experiences with great joy as you can read about in our article.  If you are looking for a once in a lifetime experience and come into proximity with the fascinating animals that whales are, the “Original Húsavík Whale Watching tour” is an adventure tour for you.


Discover and enjoy nature

Here you will discover the great nature of Skjálfandi bay observing whales, dolphins, and seabirds in their natural habitat. There is always the possibility of seeing a 16-ton humpback breaching which is an electrifying sight.  And dolphins “running” around in the ocean. You will enjoy the smooth, safe sailing of a traditional Icelandic oak boat and treat yourself to a cup of hot cocoa and a cinnamon bun.  North Sailing also has many highly experienced guides that are trained to spot exciting activity and interesting animals in the ocean.


A tour that thousands recommend

Recommended by thousands of satisfied travelers worldwide the Original Husavik Whale Watching tour is an authentic wildlife adventure by the pioneers of whale watching in Iceland.

If you are ready for this once in a lifetime experience interacting with natural wonders book your tour and dive into the adventure.


Finding a suitable accommodation, hotel or a guesthouse in Húsavík town in the Northern Region in Iceland is a great option for those who are planning a tour to the Northern Region. Especially those planning to visit the many natural wonders in the Norht Eastern Region like Dettifoss, Jökulsárgljúfur and Námaskað hot springs. In Húsavík you also find excellent whale watching tours.

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Accommodation in Húsavík Iceland Northern Region

If you are planning a vacation, a trip or a tour in Iceland, accommodation is of course of great importance. In recent years Booking.com has built a good relationship with hundreds of hotels, guesthouses, apartments, farms and lodges around Iceland to search for and offer the largest selection and variety for you to find the most suitable accommodation for your plans. In the search engine above hiticeland.com has partnered with booking.com to find a good variety of accommodation and prices that will fit your schedule and budget. The search engine finds accommodation in Húsavík and also near Húsavík, if you prefer to stay in the countryside.


Yet another stunning waterfall in Iceland. Aldeyjarfoss is situated in the north of Iceland, north of the highland road Sprengisandur (Road F26). Therefor the waterfall is almost on the boarder of the highlands. It is an overwhelming sight to see the powerful river, Skjálfandafljót drop 20 meters down next to the majestic basalt columns in Aldeyjarfoss. Besides the basalt columns the lava field it is a part of contains a broad variety of rock formation. Although bit of a hassle to get to since a 4WD vehicle is needed a pitstop by Aldeyjarfoss is completely worth it.

Yet another stunning waterfall in Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss.

Húsavík is the whale watching capital of Iceland and possibly the world.  The whale watching companies running services out from Húsavík have a very high success rate at finding large animals and members of the whale family in the Skjálfandi Bay. Some of the companies have over twenty years of experience and are offering state of the art service in every way, like North Sailing, the one we choose. They have a variety of wonderful old oak fishing boats and schooners that have been modified to safety standards and convenience for whale watching.

Suddenly and literally out of the blue, one of them suddenly breached.


Hólmatungur is considered by many Icelanders to be the island's most serene place. It has an almost dreamlike quality. If you want to drive there, you need a 4WD but camping at Hólmatungur is prohibited.  The good new is though that the hiking trail from the mighty waterfall Dettifoss to Hljóðaklettar in Vesturdalur through Hólmatungur is the single most beautiful hiking trail in Iceland. It will be worth your while to take a day off from driving the Ring Road; to hike along the trail and have a picnic at Hólmatungur. It would be a day well spent.

An oasis inside the Vatnajökull National Park

Well within the Vatnajökull National Park, Hólmatungur has lush vegetation and tumbling waterfalls. Underground springs bubble up to form a series of short rivers, twisting, turning and cascading their way to the Jökulsár canyon. It is a geological wonderland.


The folklore tells us that mistress Þórunn the rich at Ási in Kelduhverfi, once escaped to Hólmatungur with all her servants. The escape was during an era when the Black Death epidemic was raging in Iceland.The mistress stayed in Hólmatungur in relative comfort until her food supply started running short. She had already had all her sheep and other domestic animals slaughtered. Þórunn was a rather beefy lady, and she worried she would be next on the menu.

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Hólmatungur on the map of Iceland

Hólmatungur is considered by many Icelanders to be the island's most serene place


The Church in Húsavík is a timber building, built in 1906 and consecrate in 1907.