Illugastaðir, a scene of a crime in the early nineteenth century. Photo by: ©MICHAEL LEVY - INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER

Finding a suitable accommodation hotel or a guesthouse in Hvamstangi is a good option for those who are planning a tour the Northern Region in Iceland. Especially those planning to visit Vatnsnes and the North Western Region. If you intend to visit the Northern Region and experience the magnificent natural wonders like Borgarvirki, Hvítserkur and see some seals, Hvammstangi is the best option for accommodation before you to start your trip.

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When you are driving in North Iceland, there is just no way you'll miss Vatnsdalur (The Lake Valley) in Húnavatnssýsla. At the very mouth of the valley is a swarm of hills known as Vatnsdalshólar. Rising like hundreds of gigantic boobs in the landscape, many wonder why it isn't simply called Boob Valley. Especially as the lake the valley derives its name from, Vatnsdalsvatn (Lake Valley Lake) is small and rather insignificant.

Vatnsdalur is quite and interesting valley. It has one of the greatest salmon fishing rivers in Iceland, Vatnsdalsá. (Best keep it simple and not complicate things with loads of confusing names). The river cascades from the Highlands into a magnificent canyon in the southernmost part of the valley. From there it weaves its way along the valley, plunging from hills and circling farmlands.

Vatnsdalur is quite fertile and was inhabited from earliest times. It is the setting for Vatnsdælasaga (The Saga of the People of Vatnsdalur) when Ingimundur the Old settled in the area around the year 900.

Later on, Vatnsdalur was the setting for the last execution performed in Iceland in 1830. A couple, Friðrik Sigurðsson and Agnes Magnúsdóttir, were beheaded for a double murder. At the execution site, a memorial has been erected.

Below is the location of Vatnsdalur on the map of Iceland

Vatnsdalur is quite fertile and was inhabited from earliest times. It is the setting for Vatnsdælasaga

There are many reasons to stop at the pleasant village Hvammstangi in the Northern Region in Iceland.  Located at the Vatnsnes Peninsula, it is a neighbor to some stunning natural wonders.

The old church is located by the Camp Site and is in care of the National Museum