Article and photos by Einar Páll Svavarsson, local photo and private guide

Iceland photo tour in highland

The Covid-19 situation in Iceland is much better than in many other countries. Over the past months, the whole process has been handled properly and professionally by our government, the Directorate of Health, and the Department of Civil Protection. The monitoring and response started as early as the beginning of the year. Our teams of healthcare and software scientists traced every infection from the first incident, at the end of February, and asked people to go into quarantine or isolation.

At a time when most streets and tourist attractions in Iceland were empty

If you live in a city that is crowded with people and loaded with stressful moments from buses, cars, honking horns, whining sirens, people shouting, the highland of Iceland is a place to visit and experience. It is a place on the other side of the emotional scale of stress and anxiety. It is a place of relaxation, a place of quiet moments, a home of only a few birds that make beautiful sounds, and a place of stillness. A place that is free of predators and dangerous animals.

Kýlingar lake at Fjallabak in Iceland

What reasons do you have to take a private tour or a personal photo tour in Iceland?

One reason is to enjoy the vast open space and go to places that very few people visit.  To enjoy the peace and silence. It is also an opportunity to define your small group of people to travel together with a professional guide, someone who knows Iceland in and out, landscape, places, geology, history, folklore, and current affairs. The fact is that Iceland has a lot to offer in terms of natural wonders and places to visit that only local people know about. For someone who doesn’t know anything about Iceland, the island, and the country, a lot of research is required to set up an exciting itinerary. Find places to go to and how to get there. Both well-known sites and places that are interesting but not mainstream destinations.


One of the many wonderful places we regularly visit that few have visited

One of the many wonderful places we regularly visit with customers on a photo tour

Avoid visiting Iceland in the wrong season

By taking a private tour, you enhance your experience and save time. You also get a wealth of local knowledge about geology, history, and folklore. More importantly, you get essential information about possibilities for the season you plan to visit, the weather, the roads, how to drive, and how to prepare. In essence, you get to do more, enjoy more, and learn more with the necessary flexibility and increase your options and experience substantially. Iceland is a cold country located up in the arctic, and it is essential if you want to enjoy the best it has to offer to organize your tour.


Private tour in Iceland - Highland tour - Hit Iceland

Hit Iceland takes you to spectacular places, unusual places, and unique places

Expand the enjoyment of your Iceland tour 

Hit Iceland organizes spectacular private and custom-made tours in Iceland based on our extensive knowledge and experience traveling in all regions of the island. Tours designed for people who seek to get more from their visit, photographic tours, highland tours in summer, and excursions to many exciting places that are both mainstream destinations and destinations that few people visit. If you are interested in stunning natural wonders and breathtaking places, we take you to all the best locations. Waterfalls, canyons, basalt columns, hot springs, glaciers, icebergs, famous mountains, lava fields, colorful rhyolite mountains, volcanos, rivers, and much more. We also organize tours that take you to famous sites and popular attractions. Like our different versions of the Golden Circle, the fascinating South Coast, Jökulsárlón and other stunning glacier lagoons, the historically rich and stunning Snæfellsnes Peninsula, and the impressive geology of the Reykjanes Peninsula. We also give you a lot of background information about the history, folklore, and geology of each place and region to enhance your experience and enjoyment.


Múlagljúfur canyon is a spectacular place that few visit

A beautiful canyon that requires a bit of a hike to visit, great for a photographic tour 

From our tour reviews

We had driven the ring road on our own and wanted one guided tour to see some of the interior. There were a lot of choices but we are so glad we chose Hit Iceland and the Landmannalauger tour. Einar was friendly, helpful and full of information about the country, ancient history to present day. While we would have loved to hike longer, the mix of Einar's driving tour and the 3-hour hike was just right for a day trip. If we come back I would choose Hit Iceland again for sure..
It's unique unworldly beauty is something you have to see to believe and well worth the extra effort needed to visit it. I considered many other tour companies but chose Einar with HitIceland knowing we would have our own guide with us on the trails, adequate time to complete the hiking loop (we're in our mid 60's) without feeling rushed, and since it turned out we were the only people on the tour we didn't have to follow a pre-determined schedule. The additional stops along the way were beautiful as well. Riding in his Land Cruiser was very comfortable (he is a very safe driver) and allowed us time to visit about the history, literature, politics, art, photography and geography of Iceland, all things that Einar has a deep interest in and is very knowledgeable about.
My husband and I along with our son and daughter in law went on the tour. We were celebrating my husband’s 60th birthday and Einar went out of the way to make it a very memorable celebratory day. He was with us hiking, talking and taking pictures for us . He was explaining all about Iceland during our drives continuously. I would highly recommend this tour ! He was very mindful during our hike of each of our capabilities and dealt with patience !

Why take a private photo tour in Iceland?

Iceland has an infinitive number of exciting places to visit to take stunning photos. But there are many factors you need to have in mind that play an essential role when choosing a site of interest.  Reasons that make any destination a bit complicated, like the weather, time of year, the sun's position in the arctic, high and low tide, road conditions, and when the location is most interesting and accessible, to name a few. Photographers often make the mistake of coming to Iceland at the wrong time when many places they intend to visit are not accessible or not as attractive as they have seen in other photos. By taking a photo tour with a knowledgeable and experienced photo guide, you eventually save a considerable amount of time and resources. If you are interested in a photo tour with many spectacular motives for you and your camera, contact us through the form below and tell us about your interest. 


We take advantage of all the lights available in Iceland

We take advantage of all the lights available in Iceland, both northern lights and sunlight 

We also take you to unique and mindblowing places that few people visit

In the summer months, we take you to locations in the Highland, like Landmannalaugar, Syðri Fjallabak, and Þórsmörk. Landscape gems and places that are only known to the locals and local experts far away from the crowds of mass tourism. Sites that will most likely give you a unique experience that will last for a lifetime. It all depends on your wishes and interests. In the spring, we choose places interesting to visit for possible enjoyment in nature and photography. It is our opinion that spring, the months of April and May are the least appealing months for a vacation or a visit to Iceland.  In winter, visiting Iceland has some advantages, but the weather factor plays a much more significant role than in other seasons. There are many exciting places to visit in winter, but everything is different as the temperature, and high winds often define our possibilities. We also follow the northern light forecast, but the lights do not appear in the sky as often as you might think. Autumn, the moths of September and October, is, on the other hand, an exciting time to travel to Iceland. So before you decide, please consult with us to quickly help you get the most out of your plan to visit Iceland. 


Fjallsárlón lagoon in Iceland

One of a few glacier lagoons that are never highly populated 

A flexible private tour based on knowledge

It is a planned but flexible private tour where everyone in your group can enjoy the scenic landscape and all the natural wonders. It is a tour with a highly experienced local tour and photo guide, Einar Páll Svavarsson, who is also a tour expert on iceland history and geology.  Einar has written hundreds of articles about Iceland for websites and taken thousands of photos all over Iceland. A unique journey to highly interesting places, like stunning natural wonders, and a genuine connection to the history and distinctive geology of Iceland is what our customers should expect from a private tour. It is a great way to enhance your experience and get to know the ins and outs of Iceland.


Private tour with Hit Iceland - Stuðlagil Canyon

Hit Iceland takes you to interesting places at the right time to visit

See more and experience more in a private tour

The people at Hit Iceland are among the most experienced travelers in Iceland. And we always find something interesting whether you are traveling as a family, school group, with friends, photographers, or just as a group of people interested in exploring Iceland. We enjoy taking visitors to impressive waterfalls, stunning canyons, amazing basalt column sites, colorful rhyolite mountains, geothermal places, unique hiking paths, glacier lagoons, beautiful lakes, and all the other unique and mind-blowing places we know. It is all about your experience and what you take back as your memory.  Organizing such tours is at the core of our operation. 


Ófærufoss waterfall in the Icelandic highland

In summer we take you to outstanding places in the Highland

Experience the Iceland concept of nature, geology and history

Hit Iceland specialty is natural wonders and exciting places in Icelandic nature and places of historical and geological importance. It's all about the real and raw Icelandic nature. We connect to the sagas, the settlement, geology, eruptions, history, the people, folklore, and the development of Iceland as a country. We organize tours that give you experience and insight. Experience and knowledge come first.


Some places are a surprise

Experience things that are difficult to find without local knowledge like a warm waterfall shower

A different day tour

If you are planning a short visit, Hit Iceland can organize and set up an itinerary for a day tour that is different. A tour around the Reykjanes Peninsula, a trip to Landmannalaugar in the highland, or a visit to Borgarfjörður to learn about the literary giant, Snorri Sturluson, who wrote many masterpieces in medieval times. It could also be a tour to experience some of the stunning natural wonders near Reykjavík or a trip to some of the spectacular landforms in the highland, like Kerlingarfjöll or Hveravellir, in summer. It could be an intense search for the Northern Lights in winter or finding an ideal location for photography at the time of ultra clear skies of September and October. It is always an adventure.


The relaxing Kýlingavatn lake - a perfect place for mindfulness

A relaxing highland lake - a perfect place for mindfulness

Enjoy the natural wonders

If you are interested in visiting Iceland and really enjoy the most exciting places and natural wonders that few people visit, send us an inquiry with your preference. Tell Hit Iceland what you are looking for and the purpose of your tour.



We take you to places where you can expect to be alone

Tell us about your interest

Tell us how many you are, and we will make suggestions and organize a tour at any region in Iceland. We always include a remote location that few visit and is only revealed during the tour.
Hit Iceland organizes tours for friends, school groups, photographers, and people with historical interest, as well as tours that focus on global warming and much more.

Read the excellent reviews we got from our customers this summer in our popular Landmannalaugar summer tour.


Kerlingarfjöll in the Icelandic highland

Discover the Icelandic Highland with a professional Icelandic guide

Why a private tour and a local guide?

  • Hit Iceland local guide takes you to interesting sites outside the mainstream tourist places
  • Hit Iceland local guide organizes a tour that is exceptional and avoids common pitfalls
  • Hit Iceland local guide has a depth of knowledge about Iceland's geography and geology
  • Hit Iceland local guide gives you a background understanding of Iceland's history from settlement to modern times
  • Hit Iceland local guide tells you stories from the Sagas and our folklore
  • Hit Iceland local guide gives you important information about the volcanic activity in Iceland and the role eruptions play in our history
  • Hit Iceland local guide gives you an understanding that enhances all aspects of the tour 
  • Hit Iceland local guide gives you an experience that you would otherwise have missed
  • Hit Iceland local guide takes high-quality photos of you during the tour and sends you at the end of the tour
  • Hit Iceland local guide helps you find the best and most interesting adventure tours and activities
  • Hit Iceland local guide helps you find the most interesting museums and exhibitions 
  • Hit Iceland local guide is your driver so everyone in your group can enjoy the spectacular scenery and landscape you are about to experience
  • Hit Iceland local guide helps you make your tour to Iceland an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience
  • Hit Iceland local guide is also an experienced driver in all conditions on the Icelandic roads, most importantly in winter


Skógafoss waterfall in winter

Even in winter, Iceland has many interesting options, let us help you enhance your photography and tour memory

Experience the 4X4 adventure and river crossing 

Travel in a brand modified 4x4 Toyota Lan Cruiser (2019 modelspacious and convenient for four passengers and luggage. A vehicle that is fit for all roads in Iceland, including the F roads or highland roads, during summer. Fuel included.  A highly knowledgeable and experienced driver guide that will inform you about geology, entertaining stories from the history of Iceland, the Sagas and much more as we drive between exciting places. Stop at 5 to 7 natural wonders of various kinds during the day.  Stops depend on the region of Iceland traveled and the distance between sites, and also if hiking is involved.


Landmannalaugar Brennisteinsalda volcano hiking

Discover spectacular places with Hit Iceland 

For reference and reviews, we also refer to our popular and highly appreciated Landmannalaugar tour. For more information about your tour guide, we refer to information about Einar Páll Svavarsson on our website.

Geldingadalir eruption hiking option at Reykjanes Peninsula

If you like to do some hiking visiting an erupting volcano is an option

A small eruption started on March 19th, 2021, at Geldingadalir in Reykjanes Peninsula. The eruption is only a short distance from Reykjavík. The development has been interesting as the fissure has increased since the beginning of the eruption, and new vents and craters appeared. The sight is spectacular, and the hike, including the time to photograph, takes about six to seven hours.


Our new Toyota Land Cruiser is a comfortable modified 4X4 car

Our new 2019 Toyota Landcruiser for our private and custom made tours

Let Hit Iceland organize a different and unforgettable tour in Iceland.  We drive and inform while all passengers enjoy the scenic landscape, stories, and many natural wonders. Contact us at info@hiticeland.com or fill out the form


In most regions in Iceland, you will find places and farms that played a significant role from times of settlement up until the 20th century. Areas that were homes of chieftains and housed regional assemblies. Place of worship at pagan times, a great farm with good soil to harvest, a place that had a church, a place that had easy access from all directions, a place with various natural perquisites, a learning center in medieval times and  a home of a monastery when Catholicism was the official religion in Iceland.  And sometimes, as was the case of Þingeyrar, all the above.  For the north-west region, Þingeyrar was always one of the most important places in the region. It is a place of immense historical importance.  So when you visit Þingeyrar, you are getting in touch with Icelandic history from the times of settlement. And when you are standing on the small hill, you will have a good idea why Þingeyrar was important.

The beautiful church ÞIngeyrarkirkja

The beautiful church ÞIngeyrarkirkja

Learning center

In medieval times in Iceland, interest in education and learning was quite prevalent. Places that wrote stories gathered information and taught religion, science, history and other classics at that time, following contemporary knowledge.  In those learning centers, Icelanders created their most valuable historical assets, the Sagas.  In Þingeyrar some of the most crucial Sagas were written as ÞIngeyri was one of the most creative and active learning centers.  The monastery was, of course, crucial and was the first one that was established in Iceland after the conversion from heathenism to Christianity in the year 1000.  From its founding in 1133, the monastery was one of the most critical institutions in Iceland and a small hamlet placed on the hill until its abolition in 1554, around the time Iceland converted to Lutheranism.

Þingeyrarkirkja church in Húnavatnssýsla

The beautiful church ÞIngeyrarkirkja

The beautiful stone church at Þingeyrar

Quite noticeable from the main road Nr. 1 the Ring Road in Iceland is the beautiful stone church that now stands on the hill at Þingeyrar.  Not only is the church noticeable but also one of the more interesting buildings in Iceland. It took 14 years to build and was consecrated in 1878.  The church is also one of the first stone buildings in Iceland and took a considerable effort to bring the stones to the hill and also to finance the project in the middle of the 19th century.  The church is exceptionally well maintained on the outside as well as the surrounding area.  On the inside, it is almost sensational with its many historical artifacts and items that are traced back to the monastery. A beautiful small service center is by the church dedicated to the history of Vatnsdalur and the surrounding area. Of course about the Saga Vatnsdælasaga that was written probably in the 12th century at Þingeyrar.

Finding your way to Þingeyrar

For anyone traveling on the Ring Road in the north-west region, a visit to Þingeyrar and the church Þingeyrarkirkja is worth it.  It is also quite simple.  After you drive through the small town of Blönduós, you drive about 18 kilometers or about 11 miles.  There you take a turn left, or north, on the road Nr. 721 Þingeyrarvegur. 

Þingeyrarkirkja in Húnavatnssýsla

The row of craters at Reykjanes Peninsula called Eldvörp formed in an eruption in the early 13th century is a spectacular site to visit.  A lava field from the eruption covers a large area west of the small mountains Svartsengi and Þorbjörn. The lava field stretches from the northernmost crater all the way to the south shore. The craters are similar to the famous Lakagigar in the Icelandic highland although everything is on a smaller scale. The row of craters is about 10 kilometers long and consists of many craters, and some are even still warm with steam evaporating from the ground, indicating that the craters are still active and the magma still lurking beneath. From the top of some of the crates, you get a good view around the Reykjanes Peninsula west of the mountain ridge Vesturháls. More or less a flat lowland covered with lava fields, the top of the crater gives it an excellent view of the nature of the Reykjanes Peninsula. A landform of leaky lava with almost no possibility of a soil to harvest. A geothermal and volcanic wonderland.

The advantage of geothermal power

The crater row Eldvörp is part of the geothermal area that provides hot water for the Svartsengi Power Plant and the famous Reykjanes Peninsula landmark and tourist attraction Blue Lagoon. In the old days some decades and centuries ago people at the Reykjanes Peninsula used the heat to bake bread. This was during the time of shortage of firewood and coals. So there are examples of Icelanders taking advantage of the geothermal heat long before power plants and heating houses. Currently, there are plans to drill more deep holes in the area near and around Eldvörp.  Although considered by many a positive step in developing renewable energy it also raises questions about messing with nature.  There is an ongoing dispute from preservationists and by visiting Eldvörp you can actually judge for yourself as some of the projects are obviously damaging the natural wonders beyond repair.

Finding your way to Eldvörp

Driving to Eldvörp is relatively easy and suitable for every kind of car. During winter caution is needed and visit the weather site recommended.  From Reykjavík, you drive to the road Reykjanesbraut Nr. 41 which is the same road most visitors drive when they arrive through the International Airport at Keflavík. After driving approximately 30 kilometers you turn south on Grindavíkurvegur Nr. 43 and turn west when you reach the intersection to the Blue Lagoon. You drive past the intersection to the Blue Lagoon parking lot about a mile or 1.6 kilometers.  Here you drive to the west about 3 kilometers or two miles on a gravel road to reach Eldvörp.

Read this important article before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Eldvörp craters on the map of Iceland

Eldvörp row of craters at Reykjanes Peninsula


The lava field or lava carpet Ögmundarhraun in Reykjanes Peninsula is fascinating for many reasons.  The whole peninsula is home to hundreds of eruptions from thousands of years ago and also from historical times. The landform is like an excellent example of how mother nature builds her land.  And although the latest eruption at Reykjanes Peninsula was about 700 years ago, the whole peninsula is still defined as active when it comes to volcanos and eruptions. Ögmundarhraun is the product of lava that spread from a volcano near the southern tip of the mountain ridge Vesturháls, which is one of two adjacent mountain ridges at Reykjanes Peninsula. The eruption occurred around 800 - 900 years ago. The lava in Ögmundarhraun is quite typical for moss-covered lava you can see in many places in Iceland and also quite accessible. 

Interesting battle by the shore where ocean meets one thousand year old lava

Interesting battle by the shore where ocean meets one thousand year old lava

Lava that flooded over farms

At the times of settlement, Reykjanes Peninsula was not an attractive place to settle down in Iceland. Some people made an effort but quickly it became apparent that it was a difficult place to make a living.  Most of the land was covered with lava, as it is today, with limited access to fertile soil. The water doesn't hold and quickly leeks deep to the ground.  In the middle of Ögmundarhraun lava is a place called Húshólmi.  It is a curious place as there are ruins that have been dated back to 870 around the time the first settlers came to Iceland. It is one of the oldest human-made structures in Iceland, deserted when the lava folded nearby and around the farm.  So we can say that the eruption both ruined and preserved the farm and protected significant antiquities. Ögmundarhraun is also a place where you can see how lava from historical times formed the coastline.  After floating from the craters, the lava ended in the ocean and moved the shoreline forward.  Although there are places in Iceland where you can see the lava meet the sea, there are not many such places, and if you decide to walk the hike to the shore, keep in mind that it is harsh and dangerous to walk the lava.

The view east from Ogmundarhraun towards the famous Krísuvíkurberg

The view east from Ogmundarhraun towards the famous Krísuvíkurberg 

Ogmundarhraun is easily accessible

For those who have rarely or ever seen a lava field, this is a great opportunity and probably one of the best places in Iceland.  When you drive from Grindavík town, on the south shore of the Reykjanes Peninsula, the road Suðurstrandarvegur Nr. 427, you will find a sign pointing south with the name Húshólmi.  Only a few meters from the intersection there are signs and a parking lot.  You need to walk from the parking lot which is a medium and refreshing hike.  The distance to the shoreline is about two kilometers, and so is the walk to Húshólmi on a track in the middle of the lava field.  By doing both, you will get a good view of a lava field that spreads over land and also lava that fights the ocean.  Both are fascinating and quite photogenic.  The whole hike should take about two to three hours but is extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

Read this important article before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Ögmundarhraun lava on the map of Iceland

Ögmundarhraun lava field is a lava carpet in the landform at Reykjanes Peninsula

The Golden Circle is a term or a description for one of the most popular tourist route in Iceland. The drive is based on three natural wonders not far from Reykjavík the capital of Iceland. Most of the time the tour starts and ends in Reykjavík and is driven in a day. The first stop is at Þingvellir which is a sacred place in Iceland where Almannagjá gorge and Öxarárfoss waterfall play a significant role. Þingvellir also has profound historical meaning in Iceland as it was the meeting place for Alþingi, the oldest parliament in history.  Secondly, there is Geysir, the hot spring area where the geyser Strokkur erupts every ten or fifteen minutes.  Thirdly and most importantly there is Gullfoss waterfall the most impressive waterfall in Iceland.  A waterfall that is often mentioned on lists of top ten most fascinating waterfalls on the planet. The distance from Reykjavík through the town Mosfellsbær and Road Nr. 36 to Gullfoss via Þingvellir and Geysir is approximately 120 kilometers or 75 miles.

Almannagjá at Þingvellir National Park

Almannagjá gorge is an important place in Iceland, both geologically and historically

How to drive the Golden Circle?

Tourism in Iceland has exploded in recent years, and so has the Golden Circle drive.  Sometimes during summer, the road is packed with busses, and rental cars as are the parking lots by the three natural wonders.  Usually, the buses depart from Reykjavík between eight and nine in the morning and arrive at the three natural wonders at a similar time. This is for many reasons a very convenient time to start and drive the tour as it fits well with lunchtime at Geysir or Gullfoss.  If you are not intimidated by crowds you should start at the same time, otherwise start your tour early, around 6 am or 6:30 am.  A stop at any of the three attractions takes about half an hour to 45 minutes. The road is an asphalt road and easy to drive in any car, small or large.  It is a two-way lane so keep in mind that the road is a bit narrow but reasonably easy to drive.  The exception is in winter when the weather is sometimes quite harsh, and the road from Reykjavík to Þingvellir is either closed or very slippery and challenging to drive. If you are traveling in winter, you should always check the weather and road conditions anyway.  You should also consider the time of year and season when planning a trip to Iceland as there is a considerable difference between seasons.  Here you can read about the best time or season to visit Iceland.

Þingvellir National Park is a place you can visit all year round

Þingvellir National Park is a place you can visit all year round but exceptionally beautiful in autumn colors

Why drive the Golden Circle?

All of the three attractions on the Golden Circle route are more than worthed to visit.  Þingvellir is one of a handful of places in Iceland where you can see the North Atlantic rift system that stretches from the south pole up through the Atlantic ocean through the island Iceland. When you are in the gorge Almannagjá, you are between the European and American tectonic plates and at the spot where they drift apart.  For those interested in history Þingvellir is also the most prominent place ins Iceland as it played an essential role in the judiciary and lawmaking process from the days of settlement throughout many centuries.  It is also the place where Icelanders decided to abolish heathenism and take up christianity in the year 1000.  Geysir is one of the best known hot springs in the world, and the English term geyser comes from the old hot spring Geysir, the big brother of Strokkur that still erupts today.  Gullfoss, of course, is one of the most impressive waterfalls on the planet and is one of the natural wonders that are equally interesting to visit in summer and winter as well as in autumn and spring. So even though there are considerable differences between seasons in Iceland, these three natural wonders are all accessible and exciting all year round, which is probably one of the reasons the route is so hot.

Strokkur geyser erupts every 10 to 15 minutes or so and reaches a hight of 25 to 35 meters

Strokkur geyser erupts every 10 to 15 minutes or so and reaches a hight of 25 to 35 meters

Is the Golden Circle a circle?

When you finish your drive at Gullfoss, you might wonder where you should go from there? What does it imply that it is a circle?  If you started around eight in the morning, you are probably done viewing the three natural wonders and finished with lunch around one at noon. One option is to drive the one and a half hour drive back to Reykjavík, but then it's not a “circle” but a trip back and forth. For the ride back through a different route, you have some options. Here we are going to recommend the most interesting one for you to get the most out of your day.   When you drive back from Gullfoss on Road 35 called Biskupstungnabraut, you take a left turn after 6 kilometers or approximately 4 miles on Road 30 called Skeiða- and Hrunamannavegur. After driving another 6 kilometers, you come to a bridge over the river Hvítá or White River. This is the same river that you saw falling in Gullfoss a few kilometers north.  By the bridge is an interesting stop calls Brúárhlöð. It is worthed to stop at the parking lot on the east side and admire the how the river has formed the canyon at this spot for hundreds of thousands of years. After Brúárhlöð we recommend that you continue on Road 30 to the small hamlet of Flúðir. This is a 20 kilometers or approximately 13 miles drive to the south of Brúárhlöð. At Flúðir you have an opportunity to visit the old pool, Gamla laugin, and dip into a geothermal pool. It is also a good place to stop for snacks,  refreshments, and restrooms. 

Gullfoss is one of the best known landmarks and attractions in Iceland

Gullfoss is one of the best known landmarks and attractions in Iceland

Drive to Seljalandsfoss waterfall

From Flúðir hamlet you continue south on Road 30 Skeiða- and Hrunamannavegur and drive 30 kilometers or 19 miles to Road 1 the Ring Road in Iceland. The drive is quite scenic, and if the day is bright, you will have a good view of both Hekla volcano and the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano on the east side of the road. When you reach the intersection at Road 1, you take a left turn to the east and drive the 54 kilometers or 34 miles to the intersection of Road 1 to Road 249 Þórsmerkurvegur.  Here you drive less than one kilometer to reach the parking lot for Seljalandsfoss waterfall. The waterfall is one of the most visited natural wonders and attractions in Iceland and for a reason.  It is not only a beautiful waterfall but also a waterfall that you can walk behind.  It is indeed a spectacular experience and a relatively easy walk.  In winter though you need to remember that the path behind the waterfall is quite slippery.  If you are not in a great hurry to go back to Reykjavík, another spectacular waterfall Gljúfrabúi is within walking distance of Seljalandsfoss.  It is a waterfall inside a gorge or a cave. 

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a spectacular and wonderful place to visit

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a spectacular and wonderful place to visit

The drive back to Reykjavík

Heading back after an eventful day you take the Ring Road Nr. 1 to the west to Reykjavík. You are most likely in the afternoon, and most people are a bit tired after all the stops and viewing of natural wonders and attractions. You should not underestimate the energy it takes for an average person. The drive back to Reykjavík is 130 kilometers or 80 miles. Along the way, you drive through four small towns and villages, Hvolsvöllur, Hella, Selfoss, and Hveragerði on the Ring Road Nr. 1. All of the towns have restaurants and convenient stores so you can easily stop for snacks and restrooms along the way.   If you drive straight back to Reykavík you will have the opportunity to dine at some of the spectacular restaurants that you find in Reykavík city center and hit the sack for a convenient good night sleep at some of the many great hotels in the city. 

Reykjavik is one of the most interesting places in Iceland

Reykjavik is one of the most exciting places in Iceland - a place of departure and arrival for the Golden Circle tour

The whole drive as we recommend here is 370 kilometers or 230 miles. In comparison, the drive back and forth from Reykjavík to Gullfoss waterfall is 240 kilometers or 150 miles. The whole trip shouldn't take more than 9 to 10 hours even at a slow pace. There are plenty of places and opportunities along the way for restroom stops and food, and if the skies are reasonably clear, it is also a beautiful scenic drive. 

The Golden Circle drive is a great way to view and experience some of the most interesting natural wonders Iceland can offer and is also available and relatively easy to drive all year round.  It is a great option to spend a day when visiting Iceland and staying in Ryekjavík for a few days or a stopover.  In the summer there is also the option of visiting the highland and join us on our spectacular Hit Iceland Landmannalaugar highland and Golden Circle tour

Interested in waterfalls?
Here you can book a guided tour with Hit Iceland to Gullfoss, the Golden Circle and six other waterfalls.

Golden Circle and the seven waterfslls

Read this important article by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Gullfoss waterfall on the map of Iceland

Map of Golden Circle drive in Iceland