It is quite curious that the rugged Westfjords Peninsula only has one tiny glacier, Drangajökull. The Peninsula is next to Greenland and practically crosses the Arctic Circle. Large areas are not habitable due to unfavorable climate and poor land quality. You would think this was the ideal setting for Nature to place an impressive glacier.

Drangajökull is the northernmost glacier in Iceland. It covers an area of 160- 200 km2, making it the fifth largest in Iceland. But, it is the only glacier in Iceland that lies entirely below an altitude of 1000 meters, being only 925 meters high.

The glacier is surrounded by low hills and hiking to the icecap may seem relatively easy. The track along the eastern side is very pleasant in spite of boulders, rocks and streams to be negotiated. Still, it has an air of illusion. The clear arctic air makes the icecap appear to be much closer than it is in reality. If yu are not an experienced hiker, this is the route to take to the icecap.

The area around Drangajökull glacier used to be more densely populated. The locals left quite a number of trails crisscrossing the area. Those trails are now a part of the very popular and guided Hornstrandir hiking routes.

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Below is the location of Drangjökull on the map of Iceland

It is quite curious that the rugged Westfjords Peninsula only has one tiny glacier, Drangajökull.

Unlike most towns and villages around the coast in Iceland, Súðavík was always more of an agricultural area.  Throughout the centuries until the late 19th century the area consisted mostly of farms and in the middle of that century it had 21 farms, and small estates and no cluster of houses were visible.  But then again, land for agriculture is limited in the West Fjords, and fishing grounds we

Súðavík is a small village in the West Fjords in Iceland

Ísafjörður is the center town of the West Fjords in Iceland. It is also the largest town in the Westfjords, with a 2016 population of 3.623 people. Like many of the towns and villages around the coastline in Iceland, Ísafjörður was mentioned in the Book of Settlement; that, of course, is huge in Iceland.

Ísafjörður is the largest and a center town in the West Fjords in Iceland