Iceland is truly a geological wonderland.  For geologists, the island is a significant source for research offering more variety of places to study than most places on the planet.  Some of the geological wonders are also one of our most popular attractions, like basalt column stacks and all kinds of basalt column formations. Although this beautiful structure, originating in basalt lava, is found in many places in the world, Iceland is probably the best place to find many beautiful basalt columns. At least where the distance between them is relatively short.

Basalt column places that you will enjoy


Kálfshamarsvík is a small cove on the northwest shore of Skagi Peninsula in the north region in Iceland. The main attraction is the unusual and stunning formation of basalt columns at the bay as well the surrounding area.  The Cove is a spectacular sight, where the ocean meets the amazingly shaped rocks and small cliffs. The Cove Kálfhamarsvík is of particular interest to photographers as the area offers many angles with interesting views, foregrounds, and backgrounds.  Mind you, though, like in so many places by the shore in Iceland, how the high and low tides play a role as well as the time of day when photographing.  In the afternoon and the bright summer evening, the sun shines on the cliffs from the ocean side but reverse in the morning.

Kalfshamarsvik basalt column

Kálfshamarsvík could have developed into a village

Among the premises that most towns and villages in Iceland have in common is the fact that they lie near rich fishing grounds in addition to a good landing place for small boats.  This was in a time period before motorboats arrived and when the deprived and less fortunate part of the population were finding new options in employment in fishing while leaving the compulsive obligation of domestic service in agriculture. Kálfshamarsvík became a small fishing station and formed a tiny hamlet.  This was in the late 19th century and lasted only until the great depression and decline of markets in the middle of the 20th century. The premise was very much the same as applies to many towns and villages around Iceland and could have developed into a village.  At Kálfshamarsvík you can still see ruins of houses and items from that history.

Easy access but a long drive to Kálfshamarsvík

Kálfshamarsvík is easily accessible from the Ring Road in northern Iceland or the North Region of Iceland. From that road, you take a turn north on Road 74 and the drive is approximately 36 kilometers.  So if you are a great fan of Basalt Columns the 72 kilometers to Kálfshamarsvík and back is well worth it.  

Read this important article written by a local expert before you choose a car.

Below is the location of Kálfshamarsvík on the map of Iceland

The main attraction at Kálfshamarsvík is the unusual and stunning formation of basalt columns at the bay as well the surrounding area.