If you are traveling the Ring Road in Iceland, you are probably interested in all the natural wonders and attractions worth seeing.  Since there are many waterfalls in Iceland along the way near the Ring Road, some get more attention than others.  Stjórnarfoss waterfall is one of the hidden and seldom visited although a beautiful place and sight not far from the main road.  The waterfall is quite beautiful, and consists of two approximately 15 meter fall on an upper and lower tier. The higher one lives in the shade of the lower one as it is only visible from quite a distance. The lower one is quite spectacular as it spreads out on the lower tier.  The fall is part of the river Stjórn that originates in the mountain Geirlandshraun near the road to Lakagígar craters and Laki mountain. It is one of the rivers you cross when driving to Laki.

A perfect place for picnic and camping

If you enjoy the sounds of nature like the sound of a stream or a sound of water falling down a slope, you should consider visiting Stjórnarfoss.  The area around the waterfall is quite scenic, pleasant and perfect for a picnic.  If you have your own food and snacks on your Ring Road tour, this is a nice stop.  It is also a good place to camp and usually less crowded than many other camping sites along the southern part of the Ring Road. If you have a tent it is a great place to overnight if you want the sound of the stream and waterfall to put you to sleep.

Easily accessible and near the Ring Road

When you are on the Ring Road by the small village of Kirkjubæjarklaustur, you take a turn north on the roundabout.  This turn takes you to Road Nr. 203, Geirland road.  You only need to drive about two kilometers to the camping site Kleifar. Here you have a good parking space, and it is only a short walk to the waterfall.  But once you arrive at the lower tier you can not see the upper one.

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Below is the location of Stjórnarfoss waterfall on the map of Iceland

Stjórnarfoss waterfall

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Why stay at Kirkjubæjarklaustur?  This tiny village or hamlet is located in the middle between southwest and the southeast on the south shore in Iceland and therefore on the Ring Road.  It is a good choice if you are traveling in a car and a logical place to stop after your first day when starting from Reykjavík and driving east.  The small village offers many accommodation options plus much more in the neighboring countryside.  Kirkjubæjarklaustur has a good convenient store, nice restaurants, and a wonderful swimming pool.  It also has one of the best climates in Iceland. Kirkjubæjarklaustur is an excellent choice and a nice place to visit for all seasons.

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