One thing that Iceland doesn't lack is water.

Five “two for one waterfall” in Iceland


The Hengifoss waterfall is one of the best-known landmarks in East Iceland. At 118 m high it is the island's third highest waterfall and certainly one of the most picturesque. Cutting through steep walls of Tertiary lava strata you will find layers of red clay pressed between the basaltic lava giving providing the cliffs with their striped façade.  From the landscape surrounding Hengifoss, you can practically read the history of geology. Fossilized conifer and other tree-trunks, as well as lignite, will tell you the weather used to be much milder and warmer throughout the Tertiary.

Two for one on the Hengifoss trail

Hengifoss is in the Hengifossá River and runs into the Lake Lögurinn. A little further downriver you will find another fascinating waterfall, Litlanesfoss that is no less impressive. Surrounded by beautiful, long and hexagonal basalt columns formed over 60 million years ago.  Alonge the trail from the parking lot to Hengifoss, there is a deep and beautiful canyon that gives the walk an additional enjoyment.

A walk that is rewarding

Hengifoss is not lightly accessible.  The walk from the parking lot to the falls will only take you about 40 to 60 minutes and has an elevation of approximately 400 metes. It is a relatively light trot and well worth your time. Even the Icelanders consider Hengifoss and Litlanesfoss to be an absolute treasure, and that's saying a lot in a country that has the natural wonders like waterfalls, canyons and loads of natural wonders like ice and fire all over the place.

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Below is the location of Hengifoss waterfall on the map of Iceland

Hengifoss is in the Hengifossá River and runs into the Lake Lögurinn.